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David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA

November 9-15, 2018
November 11-14, 2018

Awards - Honors Assembly



Thomas J.R. Hughes, Ph.D., Fellow
The University of Texas at Austin
ASME Medal

For the pioneering development of computer-aided engineering and design technologies disseminated in industrial and commercial software used throughout the world, thereby improving engineering product development; and for originating and leading new fields of computational engineering research.


Portonovo Ayyaswamy, Ph.D., Fellow
University of Pennsylvania
Honorary Member

For exceptional contributions to mechanical engineering through a career marked with seminal and groundbreaking research scholarship, which has engendered transformational technology transfer for diverse applications; and for exemplary professional service to the worldwide scientific and practicing thermal engineering community.


Alan Needleman, Ph.D., Fellow
Texas A&M University
Honorary Member

For pioneering research in the fields of computational mechanics and computational materials science.


Robert M. Nerem, Ph.D., Fellow
Honorary Member

For outstanding contributions to the understanding of dynamics of blood flow and blood vessels in health and disease, and the development of tissue engineering for palliative care; and for leadership in bridging and creating opportunities for engineers to play a vital role in advancing medicine.


Frank E. Talke, Ph.D., Fellow
University of California, San Diego
Honorary Member

For contributions to information storage technology, color ink jet printing and medical device technology.


Kamlakar Rajurkar, Ph.D., Fellow
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
M. Eugene Merchant Manufacturing Medal of ASME/SME

For pioneering contributions to enhance the productivity of nontraditional machining processes used in automobile, aerospace and medical device manufacturing, including electrical discharge machining and electrochemical machining at macro, micro and nanoscales, through extensive research in process modeling and in sensing and control techniques.


Richard William Barnes, Fellow
ANRIC Enterprises Inc.
Melvin R. Green Codes & Standards Medal

For distinguished leadership and professionalism in the research, development, promotion, acceptance and application of ASME codes and standards; and for direct senior management involvement in the design, construction and operational support of nuclear power plants.


Ivar Giaever, Ph.D., Member
Applied BioPhysics, Inc
Nancy Deloye Fitzroy and Roland V. Fitzroy Medal

For innovative experimental work in superconductor tunneling that led to a major advance in the understanding of the phenomenon of superconductivity and to new scientific instruments.


Gwynne Shotwell
Ralph Coats Roe Medal

For outstanding leadership in innovation for space commercialization and colonization; for technical contributions to the design of reusable rockets; and for dedication to the promotion of STEM education.