Tapping the Power
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ASME Energy Forum Webinar - Tapping the Power of Flowing Water

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A recent survey of more than 400 engineers conducted by ASME found that 75 percent had little or no familiarity with hydrokinetic power. This webinar provides an understanding of hydrokinetic power – hear from two technical experts and take a deep dive into demo projects underway in New York Harbor and the Gulf Stream. Learn about the energy behind each technology, the environmental constraints, and the challenges associated with licensing.

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Presentation 1: Tide Turbine Arrays:
Commercialization and the Roosevelt Island Tidal
Energy (RITE) Project

Jonathan A. Colby
Verdant Power

Presentation 2: Ocean Energy:
A Path Forward to Sustainability

Susan H. Skemp
Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center

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About the Presenters

Susan H Skemp

Susan H. Skemp

Executive Director
Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center
Florida Atlantic University

Jonathan Colby is a Hydrodynamic Engineer with Verdant Power. He has been with the company since 2006, after completing a Master's Degree in Aerospace Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As a member of the company’s Engineering and Resource Assessment Teams, his work includes turbine blade design, hydrodynamic modeling, data processing and analysis, fieldwork, and general turbine operation responsibilities for both US and international projects. He currently serves as a subject matter expert in the Tidal Performance Project Team of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Committee for Wave, Tidal, and Other Water Current Converters (IEC TC-114) and as the head of the US Shadow Committee on Tidal Performance. Colby is the author of a wide array of technical papers related to hydrodynamics and the marine energy field and is actively involved in outreach with organizations and universities in and around the New York City area.

Jonathan A Colby

Jonathan A. Colby

Verdant Power

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