Podcast: The Future
of 3D Printing in Space

July 2014

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From printing small parts and tools to eventually fabricating complex structures, 3D printing in space has the potential to revolutionize space exploration. California-based tech startup Made In Space is now gearing up to launch its 3D printer to the International Space Station in August via SpaceX. Jason Dunn, CTO of Made in Space, discusses the challenges of 3D printing in space and its future outlook.

The 3D printer is designed to function in zero gravity to produce spare parts and tools for research. It will create objects layer by layer using extrusion-based additive manufacturing techniques. Made in Space has also partnered with ASME Foundation for the Future Engineers program, a student competition that challenges K-12 students to come up with ideas for what the first object to be 3D printed in space should be.

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