Podcast: Toward Industrialization of Research for Design

August 2011

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Engineering design is an area of increasing importance to industrial competitiveness. What is the current status of research in engineering design? What are the key challenges associated with the engineering design process? What are the future prospects of engineering design research? Find out answers to these questions and more in this interview with Dr. John Michopoulos, head of the Computational Multiphysics Systems Lab, Center of Computational Materials Sciences, Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), and the chair of ASME's Computers and Information in Engineering Division.

At NRL, Dr. Michopoulos oversees multiphysics, robotic characterization of materials, and information technology research and development, operations, and initiatives. His current major initiatives include research and development of linking performance to materials through data and specification-driven methodologies, along with electromagnetic launcher multiphysics modeling and simulation.

Dr. Michopoulos is also an associate editor for the Journal of Computers and Information Science in Engineering and the Journal of Computational Sciences. He is a founding member and chair of the International Science and Technology Outreach Society. Dr. Michopoulos holds both electrical and civil engineering degrees and a Ph.D in applied mathematics from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and has pursued post-doctoral studies at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, on computational multi-field modeling of continua and fracture mechanics.

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