WiSC Presents: Career Purpose: Why Your Approach To Work Isn't Working

April 13 12:00PM - April 13 1:00PM, 2021

13 April 12:00 - 13 April 1:00, 2021

Tuesday - Tuesday
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Established engineering professionals anticipate a fulfilling career and a rewarding future. Much to their dismay, sometimes career outcomes disappoint, and work satisfaction seems elusive. Worse, desperate attempts to solve this dilemma fall short as friends and family don’t understand your plights. Do you stay, do you leave, or is additional education the solution? If your end goal is to obtain money, status or benefits, then you miss the profound impacts of having a career. Learn what leads to career unfulfillment, and how to avoid falling into that trap. You will gain a newfound understanding of career purpose. Learn how your approach to work may need to change so that you can cultivate a successful, meaningful future.

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