Hyperloop Engineering and the Future of Transportation

January 20 6:00PM - January 20 8:00PM, 2020

20 January 6:00 - 20 January 8:00, 2020

Monday - Monday Waltham, MA, United States
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Learn about MIT’s hyperloop design

Venue & Location

Waltham Public Library
735 Main Street
Waltham, MA, United States

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Speaker: Vik Parthiban, S.M. Media Arts and Sciences Vik Parthiban is passionate about teams and technologies that shape how people interact with digital information and the physical world. He recently led the MIT Hyperloop II team to 1st place in the USA for Elon Musk's SpaceX-Hyperloop and The Boring Company, where he drove development on the world's first autonomous electric hovercraft. Previously at Magic Leap, he helped develop the first consumer pair of Mixed Reality wearable computers with the Advanced Photonics division. For his graduate work at the MIT Media Lab, Vik worked on holographic interfaces and hardware to push AR/VR technology forward. His work has been featured at MIT, Wired, TEDx, SpaceX, Austin Chronicle, and the University of Texas at Austin. An inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur at heart, Vik desires to positively change how we interact and use technology.

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