ASME Upper Valley Subsection: Virtual Tour of American Precision Museum

October 06 12:00PM - October 06 1:00PM, 2021

06 October 12:00 - 06 October 1:00, 2021

Wednesday - Wednesday
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The American Precision Museum (APM) is without question one of America’s premier manufacturing museums. It is housed in the original Robbins & Lawrence Armory, a National Historic Landmark located in Windsor, Vermont. For over 170 years, the men and women of Windsor’s Robbins & Lawrence Armory shaped America’s destiny by pioneering technological innovation, improving manufacturing processes, and increasing the use of labor-saving machines. Using precision metal and wood cutting machines and high standards of accuracy, Robbins & Lawrence proved the effectiveness of developing and producing interchangeable parts that ultimately would be known as the “American System of Manufacturing”. Established in 1966, APM holds the largest collection of historically significant machine tools in the nation. The museum was designated an International Heritage Site and Collection by the ASME in 1987 and now attracts visitors from around the world to see its unparalleled collection of industrial machinery spanning the first one hundred years of precision manufacturing, along with fine examples of early machined products including rifles, sewing machines, and typewriters. Although an in-person tour of APM is the best way to experience the museum and its collection, the current Covid-19 travel restrictions make that difficult for many of us. ASME Upper Valley Subsection has been granted a unique opportunity for its members and friends to participate in a live virtual tour of APM, as follows: • Live (virtual) tour of the Museum, led by Steve Dalessio, executive director, with Alice Cable, Assoc. Exec. Director, as the organizer/camerawoman/editor. • To be viewed on Zoom by anyone who registers by October 4. • No cost for attendance.

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Virtual event. 12PM - 1PM Eastern Time (11 AM-12PM Central Time)

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ASME Upper Valley Subsection - Hanover, NH

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This event is being organized by volunteers of the ASME section.

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