ASME Philadelphia Section: Study of New Materials for Next Generation Metal-Sulfur Batteries

June 15 7:00PM - June 15 8:30PM, 2021

15 June 7:00 - 15 June 8:30, 2021

Tuesday - Tuesday
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This is the final event in our Seminar Series: Clean Reliable Modern Energy. Lithium-Sulfur is a next generation battery chemistry that offers a theoretical capacity of 1,675 mAh/g, an order of magnitude higher than that of the currently used Li-ion battery cathodes and a promise of >500Wh/kg energy density at the device-level. However, among other challenges, a serious challenge that has plagued the development of this technology is the dissolution and shuttle of intermediate polysulfides (Li2Sx, x=4-8) in the electrolyte resulting in loss of active material and rapid capacity fade during cycling. I will present representative projects in my lab that integrate materials design & manufacturing, battery device assembly & testing (at coin and pouch cell level) and postmortem and in-operando spectroelectrochemistry to address several sulfur battery challenges from multiple directions. Presented by Dr. Vibha Kalra, Drexel University. Please join us!

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Virtual event / Time zone: Eastern Time (U.S. and Canada)

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ASME Philadelphia Section - Philadelphia, PA, USA

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This event is being organized by volunteers of the ASME section.

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