ASME Nigeria Section: Computer Aided Design (CAD)/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Through Problem Based Learning

March 27 6:30PM - March 27 7:30PM, 2023

27 March 6:30 - 27 March 7:30, 2023

Monday - Monday
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The practice of Engineering has continued to advance and diversify. Right from the Era of Industrial Revolution, there has been considerable changes to the practice of Engineering, in view of the fact that more and more work is been assigned to computers, machines and robots with artificial intelligence. This meeting aims at enlightening its audience of the dynamics of Engineering practice, global best practices, current trends and future forecasts. Giving the audience the requisite information needed to compete favorably with their counterparts in developed nations. In the course of the presentation, the speaker will X-ray the evolution of Engineering and then bring the audience up to speed with the current trends in the practice of Engineering with emphasis on CAD/CAM and Problem Based Learning As the quest for the emancipation of Africa continues, this event will help young Engineers of African descent find a path to professionalism in Engineering, with the hope that Africa will one day compete favorably with the rest of the world as regards technology, Engineering, Medicine and development bringing our own quota of technological innovations and mind-blowing discoveries thereby making our world a better place. Visit the link above to learn how you can attend.

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Virtual event on Monday, March 27, 2023 at 6:30pm WAT

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ASME Nigeria Section

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This event is being organized by volunteers of the ASME section.

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