ASME New Orleans Section: Immersive Technology - Presentation and Dinner

August 31 6:00PM - August 31 8:00PM, 2022

31 August 6:00 - 31 August 8:00, 2022

Wednesday - Wednesday Metairie, Louisiana, USA
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Join the ASME New Orleans Section on August 31st for: Immersive Technology - Presentation and Dinner with Brian Lozes, P.E. Immersive technologies like Virtual Reality grabbed huge headlines not long ago with unicorn sized transactions in the space, notably with Oculus. This activity released a tsunami of hype and even larger expectations for market penetration. Ultimately, short term expectations were not met, industry viability was called into question, and investment appetite cooled dramatically. The industry went back to the drawing board and brought laser focus to problem solving over riding hype. Immersive tech is now scaling out in heavy industries on merit over hype. Welcome to the new Virtual Reality. Brian is a husband, father, tech-junkie, entrepreneur, and engineer. Tired of late stage project change orders and complexity driven roadblocks in industrial facilities, Brian founded Kinemagic to reduce the friction operating teams encounter on a daily basis. Headquartered in New Orleans, Brian created a proprietary immersive platform empowering stakeholders to eliminate design flaws before construction and untangle the complexity around operating an asset all while reducing the need to go to the field. Now a global leader in XR technologies, Kinemagic is driving impact to industrial assets across the globe for numerous companies including super majors such as Shell, Chevron, and Exxon. A digital pioneer, Brian Lozes has conceived and developed multiple software solutions to resolve complex problems in real-life industry environments. Having cut his teeth as a professional engineer improving processes and designs for titans in oil and gas–including Shell, Chevron and BP—Kinemagic was a natural extension of the experiences and frustrations Brian had experienced along the way. RSVP by August 19th! View the link for additional details on this event, including how to reserve a spot.

Venue & Location

Keystone Engineering
3500 N. Causeway Blvd.
11th Floor
Metairie, Louisiana, USA

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In-person event on August 31, 2022 at 6pm Central Time

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ASME New Orleans Section - New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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This event is being organized by volunteers of the ASME section. ASME in-person activities will follow the state and local laws, regulations and guidelines regarding COVID-19 applicable to the location of the event.

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