ASME Minnesota Section: Problem Solving using Root Cause Analysis

January 12 7:30PM - January 12 9:15PM, 2022

12 January 7:30 - 12 January 9:15, 2022

Wednesday - Wednesday
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Managers, consultants, and engineers daily come across issues related to part failures, equipment breakdowns, process breakdowns, warranty claims, and accidents. They are required to troubleshoot, and fix the problems. Most of the time they are familiar with the conventional tools extending to forensic analysis thus providing reasoning to the mechanism but it may not be the root cause of the issue. Good understanding of Root Cause Analysis will take the participants beyond forensic analysis, and lab studies. It will give insight into the actual cause than the obvious symptoms, and mechanics of the issue. It will make the participants think more than closing the issues saying pump was running dry, insert got dull, “O” ring was missing, fatigue failure of bearing, or operator error. The presentation will enable the participants to apply Root Cause Analysis in their professional fields, and eliminate the actual cause than effect.

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Virtual Event, (6: 30 - 8:15 PM Central (7:30 PM - 9:15 PM Eastern Time)

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ASME Minnesota - Saint Paul, MN

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This event is being organized by volunteers of the ASME Minnesota Section.

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