ASME Metro Detroit Section: A CO2 Information Session: Understanding the Labyrinth of Zero-Emissions - An Engineer’s Perspective

May 17 6:30PM - May 17 7:30PM, 2023

17 May 6:30 - 17 May 7:30, 2023

Wednesday - Wednesday
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As a continuing commitment to provide our members and their associates with the most up to date industry related technical data, ASME Metro Detroit Section Is sponsoring: A CO2 Information Session: Understanding the Labyrinth of Zero-Emissions - An Engineer’s Perspective. Our Presenter will be: Jacob Cheriyan. Each of us brings unique perspectives and experiences to their field. Jacob has a BSME from The Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur & MSME from Iowa State University. He currently holds the position of Mechanical Engineer, working for Actalent @ Flex, which deals with the Automotive Industry. He is recognized for “strong analytical abilities complemented by keen engineering instincts”, “attention to detail and engineering fundamentals”, “working well with entire cross functional teams”. He started his career in concept models at EASI Engineering, then joining a new platform team in NVH-CAE, where he delivered “impossible” results by reformulating the sub-system approach. At Ford Motor Co., Jacob held assignments in design release, value engineering and launch, before taking specialized roles. As a variability reduction leader in the assembly plant while with Ford, he learned the nuances of manufacturing problem solving. Jacob applied these skills to his role as an analytical design verification specialist, where he interfaced with experts to develop technical details to improve analytical processes. He sharpened his problem-solving skills as a vehicle safety investigator, accessing company experts to solve challenging tasks. Jacob trained under company experts in Lean Six-Sigma, Carnegie Way and Shainin RedX. Presentation Highlights: • Climate change, using the insights of industrial problem-solving, to better understand cause-effect relationships and system limits. • Summarizing the labyrinth of legislative, research, and judicial history driving zero-emissions, with links to source information. • Shows key terms, Court decisions, Vehicle emission rule-making history, EU history, and EU Carbon Tax history. • Looking at the Keeler curve from a problem-solvers lens, looking at inflection points (change in slope), parts-per-million threshold, hypothesis testing, and plausible causes of the inflection points. • Showing the influence of heat islands and the complexities of a spinning earth, tilted about an axis, orbiting the sun, with atmospheric and ocean currents significantly influencing weather. PDH available.

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Virtual event on Wednesday, May 17, 2023 at 6:30pm Eastern Time.

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ASME Metro Detroit Section - Detroit, MI, USA

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This event is being organized by volunteers of the ASME section.

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