ASME Eastern North Carolina Section: ANSYS FEA & CFD Parametric Simulation Overview & Live Examples

March 20 1:00PM - March 20 4:00PM, 2021

20 March 1:00 - 20 March 4:00, 2021

Saturday - Saturday
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Eastern NC (ENCS) ASME Section is presenting this online technical training event to help their members and the community stay current with the latest technology for workplace & remote engineering work. This high tech & interactive event is focused on Parametric FEA Simulation. ANSYS FEA Software will be used for examples, but the topics presented will apply equally well to most FEA software. FEA in general helps accelerate product design & development because products of all sizes and disciplines can be tested and iterated faster and at lower cost digitally on the computer compared to real-life physical prototypes. FEA technology enables better and faster "Data-Driven" design decisions, by running parametric Sensitivity & Optimization studies in greater detail and thru a larger design space than is typically feasible in the physical world. This event will incorporate technical instruction as well as "live" interactive parametric FEA examples. This will be a unique event in that the attendees will help guide certain aspects of the FEA examples in real-time! Please sign up and participate in this safe, remote "distance learning" opportunity.

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Virtual event / Time zone: EST

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ASME Eastern North Carolina Section - Durham, NC, USA

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This event is being organized by volunteers of the ASME section.

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