ASME Columbia Basin Section: New Advances in High Voltage Sodium Ion Batteries

February 09 7:00PM - February 09 8:00PM, 2023

09 February 7:00 - 09 February 8:00, 2023

Thursday - Thursday
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On February 9th, Dr. Jason Zhang of PNNL will be giving a presentation on advancements in Sodium-ion batteries that he and his associates Yan Jin and Phung M Le have been researching. This research could have an impact on the future electrification of infrastructure and vehicles around the world as battery technology continues to advance.

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Virtual event being held on February 9, 2023 at 7:00 PM PT.

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ASME Columbia Basin Section - Richland, WA, USA

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This event is being organized by volunteers of the ASME Columbia Basin Section.

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