ASME Colorado Section Presents Advancements on Design for Additive Manufacturing

November 19 12:00PM - November 19 1:00PM, 2021

19 November 12:00 - 19 November 1:00, 2021

Friday - Friday
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Dr. Andreas Vlahinos will be presenting on an overview of the state of the art newly introduced capabilities in the areas of Lattice Structure generation and Generative Design will be presented. Lattice structures have been used for a long time by nature, now with AM and new CAD capabilities we can use them in our designs. A pictorial taxonomy of lattice structures such on surface (i.e. iso-grid), 2 ½ D (i.e. honeycomb), 3D beam (i.e. Diamond, Octet) and 3D shell (i.e. Gyroid, Diamond) will be presented. Generative design is the automatic process to generate optimum feasible designs from a set of performance requirements and design rules. The generated organic designs can be printed using metal additive manufacturing. The Generative Design processes of the modern tools will be presented and demonstrated with three examples from the aerospace industry.

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Virtual event. 12PM-1pm Mountain Time (2PM-3PM Eastern Time)

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ASME Colorado Section - Denver, CO USA

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This event is being organized by volunteers of the ASME Colorado Section, Denver, CO.

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