ASME Central Virginia Section: How Big A Sample Will You Let Me Have? Metallography in Archaeology

April 20 6:30PM - April 20 8:00PM, 2021

20 April 6:30 - 20 April 8:00, 2021

Tuesday - Tuesday
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Everything that happens to metal once it leaves the crucible or forge leaves a trace that can be recovered metallographically, and the return in archaeologically or historically valuable information increases with sample size. This presentation will describe how small samples may be prepared for metallographic analysis, what tools are used for this examination, and provide several real-world archeological examples, including some from the British Bronze Age, about 1100 BC. This is a joint meeting organized by the Eastern Virginia Chapter of ASM International. PDH available. Join us!

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ASME Central Virginia Section - Richmond, VA, USA

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This event is being organized by volunteers of the ASME section.

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