ASME Central Iowa Section: CIRAS Digital Manufacturing Lab Tour

April 27 6:00PM - April 27 8:00PM, 2023

27 April 6:00 - 27 April 8:00, 2023

Thursday - Thursday Ames, Iowa, USA
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The CIRAS Digital Manufacturing Lab, powered by Alliant Energy, is a facility created to help manufacturers explore potential technologies, their applications, and how you can implement them into your manufacturing processes. The tour will begin with a meal provided by CIRAS. During the meal an overview of the technologies in the lab will be provided and tour participants will be asked if they have any specific areas of interest. Additional time will be spent covering those technologies. Highlights of the CIRAS Digital Manufacturing Lab include technologies such as Workforce training and safety technologies, Automation technologies, Additive manufacturing systems and 3D scanning equipment. View the link above to learn how you can RSVP to attend.

Venue & Location

CIRAS Digital Manufacturing Lab
2500 North Loop Dr. Suite 7580
Ames, Iowa, USA

More Venue & Location Information

In person event on Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 6:00pm Central Time

Event Host

ASME Central Iowa Section - Ames, IA, USA

Additional Information

This event is being organized by volunteers of the ASME section. ASME in-person activities will follow the state and local laws, regulations and guidelines regarding COVID-19 applicable to the location of the event.

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