ASME Apollo Subsection: Screw Compressor Design and Components

December 09 7:00PM - December 09 8:30PM, 2020

09 December 7:00 - 09 December 8:30, 2020

Wednesday - Wednesday


This presentation will provide a brief overview of screw compressor design and components. The benefits of screw compressor technology in low maintenance costs, power saving costs thanks to the use of the slide valve for the oil flooded screw compressors. The advantages of no leakage to the environment, thanks to the close loop system of the screw compressor. Also, when it is appropriate to choose between a dry screw and oil flooded screw compressor, depending on the gas composition, and the type of industry.

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ASME Apollo Subsection

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This event is being organized by volunteers of the ASME section.

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