Subject Matter Experts Wanted for ASME’s Advanced Manufacturing Standards Committee

Aug 19, 2016

Based on discussions that took place between numerous stakeholders, including the United States Department of Defense and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Board on Standardization and Testing is currently working on a proposal to form a new Standards Committee on Advanced Manufacturing. The new standards committee would look into development of standards that define which data is required in a 3D data set; define how a CAD/CAM 3D model and its associated technical data should be structured;  enable enhancement of maintenance and control strategies within manufacturing operations at the factory-floor; and explore other issues as they evolve.

This effort reflects a growing interest among standards development committees to advance new manufacturing technologies and methods. ASME is currently soliciting subject matter experts and affected stakeholders to help support these efforts.

For more information contact Steven Weinman(+1.212.591.7002).

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