Issue 20 - Summer 2015

Aug 13, 2015

Standards & Certification

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What’s New

ASME Establishes Two New Boiler & Pressure Vessel Certifications

The ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Certification Program has expanded to include two new certificates: the Parts Fabrication Certificate Program (PRT) and the High Pressure Vessel Pressure Relief Devices (Rupture Disks) Certificate Program (UD-3). The PRT Certificate is for manufacturers of parts who do not perform or assume any design responsibility and currently only applies to Sections I, IV and XII of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC). The UD-3 Certificate is for manufacturers of rupture disks and applies to Section VIII Division 3 of the ASME BPVC.

For more information, contact Matthew Vazquez (+1.212.591.8522).

ASME to Undertake Development of Safety Standards and Performance Test Codes for Thermal Energy Storage Systems

At is June 2015 meeting, the ASME Council on Standards and Certification approved the creation of a new Standards Committee on Safety Standards for Thermal Energy Storage Systems (TES). The TES Standards Committee, which will report to the Board on Safety Codes and Standards, will develop and maintain safety guidelines and standards covering the design, construction, testing, maintenance, and operation of thermal energy storage systems for the life cycle of the equipment. The proposed initial standard to be developed will establish requirements and recommendations to address the process safety considerations for nitrate molten salt systems used within concentrated solar power plants.

In addition, ASME’s Performance Test Code (PTC) 53 committee on Mechanical and Thermal Energy Storage Systems held its inaugural meeting in conjunction with the ASME Power Conference in San Diego, CA on June 30, 2015. The committee discussed options for providing uniform test methods, procedures and quantifiable methods for assessing, determining and reporting the performance of mechanical or thermal energy storage systems across varying technology platforms from any source. Technologies that are being addressed include (but are not limited to) compressed air, fly wheels, molten salts, and  pumped hydro for storing energy mechanically or thermally from any source.

ASME is currently soliciting subject matter experts and affected stakeholders to help support these efforts.

For more information about TES, contact Kathryn Hyam (+1.646.957.1358).

For more information about PTC 53, contact Fredric Constantino (+1.212.591.8684).

ASME to Consider Development of Verification and Validation Standards for Advanced Manufacturing

Based on discussions that took place between numerous stakeholders during the 2015 ASME Verification & Validation (V&V) Symposium, it is anticipated that the V&V standards committee will consider the formation of a new committee to develop verification and validation protocols for computational modeling in advanced manufacturing.

This effort reflects a growing interest among various stakeholders from industry, government, and academia to use standards as a vehicle to help advance new manufacturing technologies and methods, and supplements related activities being pursued by other ASME standards groups, including the Y14 Subcommittee 46 on Dimensioning and Tolerancing for Additive Manufacturing; the B5 Technical Committee 65 on Micromachining; and the B46 Committee on Classification and Designation of Surface Qualities.

ASME is currently soliciting subject matter experts and affected stakeholders to help support these efforts.

For more information on V&V for advanced manufacturing, contact Marian Heller (+1.212.591.8514).

For more information on ASME's Y14.46 and B5 standards activities, contact Donnie Alonzo (+1.212.591.8034).

For more information on B46 standards activities, contact Remington Richmond (+1.212.591.8404).

ASME Standards & Certification Announces Honors and Awards Recipients

Shabbir M. Rawalpindiwala, manager of codes and standards at Kohler, Co., was announced as the recipient of the Patrick J. Higgins Medal. Mr. Rawalpindiwala was cited for his contributions on numerous technical specifications for plumbing products including authoring over 100 proposals; leadership on the ASME A112 Committee on Plumbing and Materials Equipment; and extraordinary commitment to the harmonization process between US and Canadian plumbing standards. He was presented with the award at the ASME A112/CSA (Plumbing) Standards Committee Meeting in January 2015.

Thomas J. Vogan, senior manager at Sargent & Lundy, was announced as the recipient of the Bernard F. Langer Nuclear Codes and Standards Award. Mr. Vogan was cited for his service on ASME’s Committee On Nuclear Air and Gas Treatment over a period of 25 years - the last nine years of which as the committee chair. Mr. Vogan was presented with the award at the meeting of the Committee on Nuclear Air and Gas Treatment, July 13-16, 2015 in Columbus, OH.

Thomas C. Heil, a consultant who retired from the Babcock and Wilcox Company, was announced as the recipient of the Performance Test Codes Medal. Mr. Heil was cited for outstanding contributions to Performance Test Codes, most notably in the testing of steam generators and related auxiliaries. Additionally, he was cited for developing computational methods and software for determining test results, including test uncertainty, from test data. He will be presented with the award at the ASME President’s Luncheon during ASME Congress to be held November 16, 2015 in Houston, TX.

Bradley D. Closson, principal at Craft Forensic Services, was announced as the recipient of the Safety Codes and Standards Medal. Mr. Closson was cited for his service on ASME’s Committee on Safety Standards for Cableways, Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Hooks, Jacks and Slings over a period of 25 years, including terms as vice chair and chair. He will be presented with the award at the B30 (Cranes and Related Equipment) Committee meetings to be held September 21-24, 2015 in Salt Lake City, UT.

Peter A. Molvie, manager of codes and standards at Cleaver-Brooks, was announced as the recipient of the J. Hall Taylor Medal. Mr. Molvie was cited for distinguished leadership and professionalism in the advancement and recognition of ASME codes and standards for pressure equipment, and for significant contribution to the development and standardization of power and heating boiler equipment design and construction and will be presented with the award at the ASME President’s Luncheon during ASME Congress to be held November 16, 2015 in Houston, TX.

James A. Thomas, executive director of ASTM International, was announced as the recipient of Standards & Certification’s most prestigious award, the Melvin R. Green Codes and Standards Medal, to be presented Nov. 16 at Honors Assembly during Congress, Houston

ASME Dedicated Service Awards – The award honors dedicated voluntary service to the Society marked by outstanding performance, demonstrated effective leadership, prolonged and committed service, devotion, enthusiasm and faithfulness

Stuart Cameron, Doosan Babcock (BPV I Committee on Power Boilers, BPV I Subgroup on Fabrication and Examination; Board on Strategic Initiatives; Council on Standards and Certification) Jan Keltjens, SABIC (ASME/API Joint Committee on Fitness for Service, BPV VIII Subgroup on High Pressure Vessels, BPV VIII Division 3 Working Group on Design) Ernie Marburg, Columbus McKinnon Corp (B30 Standards Committee, B30.10–Hooks, B30.16-Overhead Hoists, B30.21-Lever Hoists) Douglas Vickery, Dubose National Energy Services (BPV III Nuclear Components Subgroup on General Requirements, Committee on Nuclear Certification, NQA Subcommittee on Program Management Process)

In addition, the following Standards & Certification volunteers have been distinguished as ASME Fellows

Masaki Morishita, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Board on Nuclear Codes and Standards, BPV Committee on Construction of Nuclear Facility Components, BPV III Nuclear Components Executive Committee, BPV III Nuclear Components Subgroup on High Temperature Reactors) Bob Parry, Next Era Energy Seabrook (Standards Committee on Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants, O&M Executive Committee, Subcommittee on OM Codes) Douglas Scarth, Kinectrics (BPV XI Committee on Nuclear Inservice Inspection, Subgroup on Evaluation Standards, Working Group on Flaw Evaluation, Working Group on Pipe Flaw Evaluation) Herbert Voelcker, Cornell University (Y14 Subcommittee 5.1 on Mathematical Definition of Y14.5 Dimensioning and Tolerancing Principles) Robert Wielgoszinski, Hartford Steam Boiler (Board on Conformity Assessment, BVP I Committee on Power Boilers, BPV IV Committee on Heating Boilers, Committee on BPV Conformity Assessment, Committee on Conduct of Conformity Assessment Activities, Standards Committee on Qualifications for Authorized Inspection, Committee on Designees)

The grade of Fellow honors outstanding engineering achievement and is ASME’s highest level of membership.

Nominations for 2016 honor and awards is currently open. For additional information on developing a submission or to view the full listing of recipients, visit ASME’s Honors & Awards webpage.

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ASME Among Sponsors of 2015 U.S. Celebration of World Standards Day

On October 1st, ASME will be among various stakeholders taking part in the 2015 U.S. celebration of World Standards Day. Initially established in 1970, the aim of World Standards Day is to raise awareness among regulators, industry and consumers as to the importance of standardization to the global economy. The event, which will take place in Washington D.C., is co-chaired each year by the American National Standards Institute and the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is a part of a broader World Standards Week for ANSI members and other stakeholders. This year’s theme is “Standards – The World’s Common Language”.

For more information, visit the World Standards Week webpage.

ASME Standards & Certification Welcomes New Standards Liaisons

ASME recently added two new standards liaisons to assist in serving key markets. Jorge Gonzalez Cabello, who has a wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry, will focus on Mexico. Sylvia Mohr, who served as a standards specialist at the U.S. Mission to the European Union, will focus on Europe.

For more information, contact Heidi Hijikata (+1.202.787.1260).

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MasterClass Series to be Offered at Boiler Code and B31 Code Weeks

From September 13-18, 2015, ASME will host three MasterClass courses at the B31 Pressure Piping and Nonmetallic Committee Code Week in Chicago, IL. The courses will cover topics ranging from impact testing and toughness requirements for pressure vessels, to heat exchanger design, to piping flexibility analysis.

For more information, download the B31 Code Week training flyer or contact Jennifer Delda (+1.212.591.7108).

From November 1-6, 2015, ASME will host six MasterClass courses at the upcoming Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Week in Atlanta, GA. The courses cover topics ranging from boilers and pressure vessels, Fitness-For-Service assessment techniques, to piping and pipelines. A new course on the “Bases and Application of Design Requirements for High Pressure Vessels in Section VIII Division 3 of the ASME BPVC is also offered.

For more information, download the Boiler Code Week training flyer or contact Jennifer Delda (+1.212.591.7108).

Interested in broadening your technical know-how? Download the latest ASME Training & Development course catalogue or the Autumn 2015 course calendar – or visit us on the web.


Learn How to Make the Most of Your Involvement with ASME Standards & Certification

Whether you are a “committee insider” or someone just learning the ropes, ASME has a number of resources to help you learn more about working with its standards and conformity assessment programs.

The Standards & Certification webpage is a hub of information, including general information and FAQs.

The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Resources page includes many useful links and free resources to help maximize your knowledge and use of the Code – including information on Code Cases, Data Report Forms, and details on how to get new materials approved for Code use. ASME’s upgraded Interpretations Database provides an easy way to find the information on specific interpretations and how to submit inquiries to the committees. Finally, Committee Central provides a portal for accessing committee web pages as well as various Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines.

If you are a new volunteer – or need a refresher – you can check out the various volunteer Training Modules. And, if you haven’t yet become engaged, Getting Involved is only a click away.

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Public comments may be submitted on proposed new ASME Standards drafts and on proposals to revise, reaffirm, or withdraw approval of existing ASME Standards.

Public Review of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Proposed Revisions

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New Standards Projects are either first time editions or revisions of existing standards that are not on continuous maintenance.

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All meetings of ASME standards developing committees are free and open to the public.

Joint Committee on Nuclear Risk Management   Aug 31 2015 - Sep 03 2015 | NY, New York, United States

A17 Wind Turbine Elevator Committee Sep 01 2015 - Sep 02 2015 | Seattle, Washington, United States

PTC 52 Concentrated Solar Power Plants Sep 01 2015 - Sep 03 2015 | San Francisco, California, United States

B31 Pressure Piping and Nonmetallic Committee Code Week   Sep 13 2015 - Sep 18 2015 | Chicago, Illinois, United States

B30 Cranes and Below the Hook Standards Committee Sep 20 2015 - Sep 24 2015 | Salt Lake City, United States

Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) Committee   Sep 21 2015 - Sep 24 2015 | Scottsdale, United States

A17 Hoistway & Emergency Operations Committee   Sep 22 2015 - Sep 24 2015 | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

BPV III Subgroup on Fusion Energy Devices (III-4) Sep 22 2015 - Sep 24 2015 | Oxford, England, UK

Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers Sep 23 2015 - Sep 24 2015 | Orlando, Florida, United States

A17 Hydraulic Committee   Sep 24 2015, 08:30 AM - 04:00 PM | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

BPV IV - Subgroup Meetings   Sep 28 2015 - Sep 30 2015 | Clearwater Beach, Florida, United States

A17 Maintenance and Existing Installations Committee Sep 29 2015, 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM | Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Standards Committee on Cranes for Nuclear Facilities   Sep 29 2015 - Oct 02 2015 | Denver, Colorado, United States

A17 Elevator Code Week Oct 05 2015 - Oct 08 2015 | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy   Oct 12 2015 - Oct 15 2015 | Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

B5 Committee on Machine Tools, B89 Committee on Measurement Metrology & Y14 Committee on Engineering Drawings   Oct 13 2015 - Oct 24 2015 | St Pete Beach, Florida, United States

B20 Standards Committee on Conveyors and Related Equipment   Oct 15 2015, 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM | Sarasota, Florida, United States

BPV Committee on Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Pressure Vessels, Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Corrosion Resistant Equipment Committee, and Subcommittee on FRP Piping   Oct 19 2015 - Oct 22 2015 | Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

A17 Earthquake Committee   Oct 20 2015 - Oct 21 2015 | Morristown, New Jersey, United States

B1 Standards Committee on Screw Threads   Oct 20 2015 - Oct 21 2015 | Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA)   Oct 20 2015 - Oct 22 2015 | Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

PTC 4 Fired Steam Generators Committee   Jan 06 2016 | Juno Beach, Florida, United States

A17 Elevator Code Week Jan 11 2016 - Jan 14 2016 | Clearwater, Florida, United States

Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) Committee   Jan 11 2016 - Jan 14 2016 | San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States

B30 Cranes, CNF Cranes for Nuclear Facilities and BTH Committee Jan 24 2016 - Jan 29 2016 | New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

B31.1 Power Piping and NPPS Thermoplastic Piping Committee   Jan 25 2016 - Jan 29 2016 | Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States

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