Robotic Arms (Manipulators)

Accelerating technology and increased adoption is creating growth in robotic arm and manipulator usage in different industries. As industries move to utilize this technology to increase efficiency, productivity, precision, and safety to humans; new issues are arising in its adoption. Some issues include Integration with legacy systems, human-machine interaction, big data and analytics, artificial intelligence.

Current status
ASME established the MAM Subcommittee on Robotic Arms (Manipulators) under the Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing (MAM) Standards Committee in 2017 with the following Charter:
Develop and maintain Standards for terminology, performance requirements, and related topics for robotic arms (manipulators).

The intial work is concentrated on developing documents of robotic arms (manipulators) terminology and a performance document for Calibration/Registration Errors for robotic arms (and manipulators).

To acheive these goals, the following Task Groups have been established:

Task Group on Nomenclature for Performance – Identify potential gaps in existing standards as it relates to robotic arms performance nomenclature.
Task Group on Performance Standards – Identify potential gaps in existing standards as it relates to robotic arms performance.

Further, ASME received a request from Manufacturing Times Digital (MxD) for the Subcommittee to possibly review a document that has been developed on Standards for Metrology Aided Robot Technology (SMART). 
ASME and MxD held conversations regarding their project and how ASME and MxD could collaborate. It was agreed that the Subcommittee could take over the information that has been developed thus far by the MxD Project and make it into an ASME Document.
To achieve this goal, the following Working Group has been established:

Working Group on Standards for Metrology Assisted Robot Technology (SMART)

Meetings and Events
The MAM Subcommittee on Robotic Arms (Manipulators) - Meets periodically via teleconference every 1-2 months. Face-to-face meetings in conjunction with the Mobile Unmanned Systems (MUS) Standards Committee during the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Week are being planned.

For more specific meeting information, please refer to MAM Subcommittee on Robotic Arms (Manipulators) Committee Page.

Staff Contact
If you’re interested in learning more or participating in these activities, please contact Donnie Alonzo.

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