Workshops & Training

ASME workshops engage with students by offering practical hands-on experiences. A wide variety of free on-demand career readiness webisodes are accessible from the ASME website.

  • Workshops and trainings offered virtually and in-person
  • Providing practical, job-relevant knowledge and skills for future engineers
  • Monthly Career Readiness, Professional Development, and Technical Workshops such as resume writing, interviewing techniques, time management, business communication
  • Training programs with industry recognized certifications such as CAD and Project Management
  • Live workshops and trainings conducted by subject-matter experts within ASME’s company partnerships
  • In-person workshops led by local ASME professional volunteers and members
  • Access to ASME free on-demand career webinars and training courses
  • More than 150 workshops, seminars, and training sessions are offered annually for skill development.
Leticia Donkor, City Tech, Mechanical Engineering, Junior

“The workshops have been an extremely helpful resource. The various workshops that I have attended focused on professional development, cover letters, resumes, and similar topics. These workshops helped me understand the level of expectation employers want and the elements required to obtain a professional career.”

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