ASME Workforce Development


Provide effective leadership and strategic direction to create, develop and sustain a viable mechanical engineering workforce to support current and future business and industry needs.


Premiere resource for the mechanical engineering profession.

Strategic Priority

Develop an inter-connected holistic set of solutions to enhance the awareness, growth, advancement, and sustainability of the mechanical engineering workforce.


  • Develop a public-private collaborative for developing and monitoring continuous improvement of workforce development strategies to sustain a viable global mechanical engineering workforce.
  • Create a continuum of activities, policies, and programs, starting in K-12, continuing through post-secondary and early career, and extending through retirement.

Workforce Development Opportunities

Workforce Development is grounded in the premise of creating a strong network of ties that is able to respond to today’s ever-changing labor needs.

By fostering a culture of learning, positive attitudes, and the abilities to manage and deal with current and future challenges, ASME is helping to create, develop, and sustain a viable engineering workforce that can support current and future business and industry in order to remain competitive in a global society.

ASME operates at the intersection of Academia, Industry, and Government aligning efforts to:

  • Create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce and environment
  • Build a workforce that provides for the current and future needs of employers
  • Provide sustainable careers and employment for the mechanical engineering profession
  • Contribute to the stability and growth of the economy
  • Promote the betterment of society as a whole


Kathleen Kosmoski
Manager, Workforce Development

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