ASME FutureME Grant Programs

The ECE Programming Committee is working to expand the productionof FutureME Programs to reach early career engineers through several types of activities and venues

The ECE Programming Committee and the ASME Old Guard have joined forces to provide both planning expertise and financial start-up grants to assist selected ASME units with production of FutureME Programs. FutureME Programs are conducted to aid early career and recent graduate engineers in making the transition and ramp-up from university to professional life.

Grant Details

The Grant may provideup to $1500 to assist in the sponsorship of each approved FutureME Program to be conducted. An additional $500 can be requested to assist in the sponsorship of approved FutureME Programs if the recipient agrees to provide video or written content in a form that can be used by the ECE Programming Committee. This content allows us to highlight ECE programs/activities happening in the ASME community and share valuable content to larger groups of engineers. For all video content, presenters will need to complete the talent release form.

  • FutureME Programs should be focused on outreach to Early Career Engineers (working professionals or grad students, those that are 0-10 years from having received their undergraduate degrees).
  • FutureME Programs should inspire and empower early career engineers to solve complex challenges in their local & global communities. These activities can include problem-based learning and practical skill growth, encourage pathways of engagement within ASME, and provide interaction with subject matter experts and industry leaders in order to create diverse & engaged ECE communities.
  • FutureME Programs may be organized and conducted by any ASME unit (a “Sponsoring Group”): Section, Sub-Section, Technical Division, Technical Chapter, Group or collaboration between more than one group.
  • FutureME Program Grants will be distributed on a geographical basis at the discretion of the ECE Programming Committee and the Old Guard.
  • The FutureME Program to be conducted must prominently recognize“The ASME Old Guard and the ECE Programming Committee” as a sponsor or cosponsor of the program. Examples are:

FutureME Mini-Talk, FutureME Forum, or ASME Section FutureME Program... Sponsored by the ASME Old Guard & the ASME ECE Programming Committee

The FutureME Program should align with the Student & Early Career Development Sector Vision, Mission and Objectives.

Corporate and other sponsors should also be appropriately recognized.

Application Deadlines & Requirements

Applications must be submitted a minimum of 3 months before the anticipated activity date (it is recommended to submit the application at least 6 months before the anticipated activity date). Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis as annual funding is available. All applications must be processed through the GPS Requisition Tool. Following the instructions, complete the GPS request form and then attach the “SECD-ASME FutureME Programs Grant Application”.

Application Process

Applications received from the GPS tool will be submitted to the ECE Programming Committee for review and endorsement. Recommended applications will be forwarded to the Old Guard Committee for the final selection process at their next meeting. All applicants will be notified within 4-6 weeks of submission regarding the status of their application.

FutureME Programs Results Report

The FutureME Program organizing committee must submit the results report form along with survey results within 15 days after the completion of the activity. The “results report” must be submitted in either Word or PDF form to with the subject line“ASME Old Guard FutureME Programs Grant Results Report”.

Examples of possible FutureME programs include legacy activities such as: Early Career Forums, Mini-Talks or Video Contests. For more information on planning Early Career Engineer programs, please see this guide.

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