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Kenneth R. Balkey

Kenneth R. Balkey


A Message from the Senior Vice President of Standards & Certification

Dear Colleagues,

As you may be aware, I am now in the final year of my three-year term as Senior Vice President of ASME Standards & Certification. I'd like to take this opportunity to highlight some key accomplishments over the past year, and recognize the efforts of all of our dedicated staff and volunteers who have helped carry out our mission to develop the best, most applicable codes, standards, conformity assessment programs, and related products and services in the world for the benefit of humanity.

This past fiscal year saw the issuance of an all new edition of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. With 12 sections, spanning 31 volumes and over 16,500 pages, issuing this on time requires a great deal of effort. The 2013 edition saw the elimination of addenda and the transition to a 2-year publication cycle.

This fall, ASME will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Nuclear Codes and Standards during meetings being held in Atlanta, Georgia from October 27 to November 1, and next spring, ASME will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code during joint meetings with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors slated for the week of May 12-16, 2014 in Bellevue, Washington.

S&C continued to collaborate with other organizations, hosting a plenary meeting of the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 178 on Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks in April. The meeting provided stakeholders from around the world the opportunity to exchange information on a multitude of topics of interest to those in the vertical transportation industry, including coordination on essential safety requirements; fire containment and testing of landing doors; energy performance; and other areas.

The cover of the first ASME Code on Nuclear Vessels

The cover of the first ASME
Code on Nuclear Vessels

S&C also established new activities in water efficiency, and continues to help commercialize new technologies and industries by exploring new areas including energy storage, advanced manufacturing, and verification and validation. I had the opportunity to meet with the ASME Standards Committee on Verification and Validation in Computational Modeling and Simulation and the honor of serving as a keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual Verification and Validation Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada in May 2013. This respected group of subject-matter experts has taken on the challenge of developing new standards on a complex topic that impacts the performance of a wide range of applications such as power plants, many forms of transportation, and medical devices. Having lived with pacemaker/implantable cardioverter-defibrillator devices for the last 15 years, I deeply appreciate the efforts of the medical professionals who are now actively engaged with the ASME V&V Committee on this unique standards work that directly impacts health and the quality of life.

The newly created Standards & Certification Board on Strategic Initiatives established new areas of focus including Technology, Infrastructure, Economic Trends, Conformity Assessment, and Operations, and condensed the proceedings from the October 2012 General Assembly into a report. They continue to track the progress in exploring and implementing numerous actions to help better serve ASME's stakeholders.

ASME Training and Development has expanded its offerings with a goal of providing content suitable for all levels of experience and available in a wide variety of formats. Its popular online Assessment Based Courses provide a quick and easy introduction to the world of standards, and it continues to broaden its onsite training network, demonstrated by sessions and workshops conducted in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin and South America, and elsewhere. Also, a new personnel certification program called ANDE (ASME Non-Destructive Examination) is in the works that will help validate the competencies of personnel involved with nondestructive examination and quality assurance of critical components and systems.

New Conformity Assessment programs have been put in place for Nuclear Quality Assurance and Bioprocessing Equipment, providing suppliers and purchasers added confidence when investing in materials and equipment essential to their operations.

ASME's standards development activities continue to attract leading subject matter experts from around the world, with its membership now over 5,000 volunteers. International Working Groups have been established for various ASME standards in China, Germany, India and Korea which facilitate their active engagement in reviewing and proposing changes, thereby helping to ensure that ASME's standards remain among the most technically sound and commercially relevant in the world.

In summary, I am extremely proud of all that ASME's Standards & Certification staff and volunteers have been able to accomplish, and am optimistic for its future. This past June, Ms. Laura Hitchcock was named the Senior VP-elect for Standards and Certification; her term will start July 1, 2014 and I look forward to working with her to ensure a smooth transition. I'm confident that she will continue to help ASME grow and achieve its important vision and mission.


Kenneth R. Balkey

Kenneth R. Balkey, P.E.
Senior Vice President, ASME Standards & Certification (2011-2014)
November 2013

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ASME Prepares Launch of Personnel Certification Program for Nondestructive Examination and Quality Control Inspection Professionals

In response to an interest in having standardized criteria for qualifications of professionals involved with nondestructive examination (NDE) and quality control (QC) professionals, ASME is developing a new personnel certification program, ANDE. It is envisioned that the ANDE program will provide transportable, recognized credentials for nuclear industry personnel involved with both in-service and new construction, and may expand to include pressure-boundary and structural applications in other industries.

Currently, the ANDE standard, which will provide the certification criteria and program requirements, is in the final stages of ASME's consensus standards development process and is expected to be published in the first quarter of 2014; a beta exam covering Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of 2013 and the written exam in the first quarter of 2014. Other NDE methods, including Magnetic Particle Testing (MT), Penetrant Testing (PT), Radiography Testing (RT) and Visual Testing (VT) as well as the QC inspection methods for mechanical, civil, welding and electrical applications will follow.

For more information contact Anthony Amato (+1.212.591.7003) or visit the ANDE website.

National Association of Elevators Contractors Convention Features Overview of Latest Updates to ASME Elevator and Escalator Standards

On September 26, 2013, ASME staff provided an overview of new provisions the 2013 edition of the harmonized ASME/CSA A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators as well as an introduction to the ASME A17 Committee website and activities at the 64th annual National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) Convention & Exposition held in Tampa, Florida.  Other sessions included providng guidance on finding and obtaining code interpretations and on provisions of the ASME A18 Safety Standard for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts. The convention brought together attendees from all parts of the world to share information regarding the latest developments in the elevator industry.

For more information contact Geraldine Burdeshaw (+1.212.591.8523).


ASME to Showcase Construction Safety Standards at CON-Expo

CON-Expo, one of the largest construction industry trade shows in the world, will take place from March 4-8, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ASME will be among the 2,400 exhibitors providing information to the more than 130,000 expected attendees, as it showcases its many technical safety standards used in the construction industry, including those governing the design, operation, inspection, testing and maintenance of cranes, hoists, jacks, slings, below-the-hook lifting devices, and rigging hardware.

For more information, contact Kate Hyam (+1.212.591.8704) or visit the CON-Expo website

Commemorations Planned for 100th Anniversary of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

2014 will mark the 100-year anniversary of ASME's Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC). ASME will commemorate this special milestone by communicating the extraordinary value of this "living landmark" of public safety and by thanking key parties – notably BPVC volunteers and users – for their critical roles in its success.

The November 2014 issue of Mechanical Engineering magazine will contain feature articles on the Code, and a special reception is being planned for the meetings of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Committee taking place in Bellevue, WA, from May 11-16, 2014 in conjunction with meetings being held by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

For more information, contact Joseph S. Brzuszkiewicz (+1.212.591.8533).

Nominate Your Peers for ASME Standards & Certification Awards

Each year, ASME offers numerous opportunities to recognize Standards & Certification volunteers for their contributions in standards development or related activities. The following is a list of awards, their descriptions, and links to more information (including nominating information and deadlines).

Awards Medals

Unit Awards

The Melvin R. Green Codes and Standards Medal, Standards & Certification's highest award, recognizes outstanding contributions to the development of documents, objects or devices used in ASME programs of technical codification, standardization and certification. It is sponsored by the Council on Standards and Certification.

The Bernard F. Langer Nuclear Codes and Standards Award is given in recognition of an individual who has contributed to the nuclear power plant industry through the development and promotion of ASME standards or nuclear certification programs. This award is sponsored by the Board on Nuclear Codes and Standards.

The J. Hall Taylor Medal is presented for distinguished service or eminent achievement in the development and promotion of standards and conformity assessment programs in the fields of piping and pressure vessels. This award is sponsored by the Board on Pressure Technology Codes and Standards.

The Safety Codes and Standards Medal is awarded to individuals who have contributed to the enhancement of public safety through the development and promotion of ASME safety standards and conformity assessment programs. It is sponsored by the Board on Safety Codes & Standards.

The Performance Test Codes Medal is awarded for outstanding contributions to the development and promotion of ASME Performance Test Codes. The award is sponsored by the Board on Standardization and Testing.

The Patrick Higgins Medal is awarded to an individual who has contributed to the enhancement of standardization through contributions to the development and promotion of ASME standards and conformity assessment programs in the areas of Plumbing Materials & Equipment; Screw Threads; Tools (machine, cutting and hand); Fasteners; Chains, Attachments and Sprockets for Power Transmission & Conveying; Metal & Metal Alloy Wrought Mill Product Nominal Sizes; Pressure and Temperature Instruments & Accessories; Classification & Designation of Surface Qualities; Gage Blanks; Chemical Standard Pumps; Dimensional Metrology; Industrial System Energy Assessment; Overhead Hoists; Measurement of Fluid Flow in Closed Conduits; Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability of Power Plants; Steel Stacks; Verification and Validation in Computational Modeling and Simulation; Engineering Drawing and Related Documentation Practices. The award is sponsored by the Board on Standardization and Testing.

Service Awards

Certificates of Acclamation are awards that are available annually to each standards committee for recognition of excellence in the development of a specific work product (e.g. a new document or major revision) and are presented to an individual or a small group of individuals most responsible for the work product. Nominations of individuals to be recognized and the specific achievement shall be made by standards committee chairs for approval by the cognizant board on behalf of the Council on Standards and Certification.

Certificates of Achievement are awards that are available annually to each standards committee for recognition of significant personal achievement. The candidate's nomination requires approval by 90% of the membership of the consensus committee and is then subject to approval by the cognizant board for action on behalf of the Council on Standards and Certification.

Certificates of Appreciation are awarded for outstanding leadership and/or especially effective service in the development of standards sponsored by the Society. The award requires nomination by peers and approval by the cognizant board on behalf of the Council on Standards and Certification.

Dedicated Service Awards are presented to honor unusually dedicated voluntary service to the Society marked by outstanding performance, demonstrated effective leadership, prolonged and committed service, devotion, enthusiasm, and faithfulness. Candidates must have at least ten years of service on a standards committee, board, or council. Any individual or committee may nominate candidates for the Dedicated Service Award.

For more information, visit the Honors and Award page on, or contact a member of ASME staff.


2013 China International Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference Furthers Cooperation between ASME and China Pipeline Industry

From September 2-5, 2013 ASME joined the PetroChina Pipeline Company (PPC), the Petroleum Storage & Transportation Committee of the Chinese Petroleum Society (CPSTC), and NACE in sponsoring the 2013 China International Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference (CIPC) in Langfang, China. The conference was the third such event organized to serve as a forum for sharing technical knowledge in the areas of design, construction, operation, management, inspection, repair and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines.

For more information, contact Qiang (John) Zhang (+86.10.5109.6132) or Robert Lettieri (+1.212.591.8573).

ASME Among Delegates at 2013 International Organization for Standardization (ISO) General Assembly

ASME staff members were among those representing the U.S. delegation at the 2013 General Assembly of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) held from September 17-21 in St. Petersburg, Russia. This year's general assembly, which was attended by over 600 delegates and guests from among ISO's 163 member countries, included discussions on ISO's strategic plan, the threat of piracy to standards developing organizations, and the relationship between private sector standards and public regulators. The venue also provided an opportunity for ASME to further discuss collaborations with other standards developing organizations, including the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), the South Africa Bureau of Standards (SABS), SPRING Singapore, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the Gulf Cooperation Council Standardization Organization (GSO), and many others.

For more information, contact Heidi Hijikata (+1.202. 787.1260) or Robert Lettieri (+1.212.591.8573).

Standards Administration of China Staff Member Concludes ASME Visit with Additional Outreach

Standards Administration Group

Pictured (l-r:) ASME Intern Ryan Jaspal; Lu Xuzhong, Standards Administration of China staff; Heidi Hijikata, Director, Global Development, ASME Standards & Certification; George Arnold, Director, NIST Standards Coordination Office; and Ajit Jilla, Senior Standards Policy Advisor, NIST

From July to September, ASME Standards & Certification hosted Mr. Lu Xuzhong, an associate from the Standardization Administration of China (SAC), as part of an initiative to enhance global collaboration in standards development. A portion of his stay was conducted in Washington D.C., where he visited not only with staff from ASME's Standards & Certification, Government Relations and Public Affairs departments, but also met with representatives from the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), ASTM International, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration, and the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). These meetings provided an opportunity for Mr. Lu to gain a better perspective on the U.S.'s effective public-private partnership in the areas of standardization and conformity assessment.



Laura Hitchcock Among Honorees at U.S. Celebration of World Standards Day

Laura Hitchcock, senior standards specialist and corporate manager of external standards management, strategy and policy for The Boeing Company, and senior vice president-elect for ASME Standards & Certification, was awarded the George S. Wham Leadership Medal by the American National Standards Institute during a reception held during the U.S. Celebration of World Standards Day in Washington D.C. on October 3, 2013.

The George S. Wham Leadership Medal honors an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the voluntary standardization community and provided long-term direction and visionary qualities in support of the ANSI Federation. Hitchcock has been working with standards for more than 35 years, and in addition to serving on ASME's Council on Standards and Certification, has served as a board member of many other organizations, including SAE International, IEEE, ASTM, and ANSI.

Celebrated annually each fall, World Standards Day pays tribute to the thousands of volunteers around the world who participate in standardization activities and helps to raise awareness of the role that standards play in addressing national and global priorities.

ASME to Cosponsor Workshop on Boilers and Pressure Vessels in Argentina

One December 12-13, ASME, in partnership with Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia (IAS), the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial (INTI), IHS and the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, will sponsor a workshop in Beunos Aires, Argentina. The workshop will serve as a forum for suppliers, manufacturers, regulators, academics, owners, operators and inspectors to discuss ASME and other technical standards used for the design, manufacture, testing, operation, inspection and maintenance of pressure retaining equipment.  

For more information, contact Jim Ramirez (+1.212.591.8033) or visit the workshop website.


Keep Up with Latest ASME Course Offerings with Interactive Training & Development eCalendar

Interested in keeping up with the latest ASME course offerings? The Training & Development interactive eCalendar is a new, easy-to-use tool intended to quickly communicate courses by subject, location and date. The calendar includes autumn 2013 course offerings.


Energy-Related Symposiums Planned to Help Inform and Advance Standards Development

Underscoring the breadth and depth of its technical activities, ASME is planning several energy-related symposiums to help advance the state of knowledge contained in its standards.

In March 2014, building off the popularity of its Energy Forum web series, ASME will be conducting an Energy Forum Live Oil & Gas event. The inaugural event will focus on shale development and hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing will also be the subject of the December 2013 Energy Forum web series.

Also in March, ASME will be conducting a Symposium on Elevated Temperature Application of Materials for Fossil, Nuclear, and Petrochemical Industries. The symposium will provide a unique opportunity for fossil, nuclear, and petrochemical industry groups, standards development organizations, government, and interested members of the public to come together to determine how best to revise and upgrade design and construction practices of pressure equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels, and piping components that will operate at elevated temperatures where materials are subjected to creep, creep-fatigue, embrittlement, and other environmental factors.

In April, ASME will be conducting a Symposium on Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). Among the seven tracks will be one addressing codes and standards to help enable deployment of SMRs as well as a session focusing on safety and risk management, incorporating lessons learned from Fukushima Daiichi.

And in June, ASME along with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be cosponsoring the Twelfth Symposium Valves, Pumps & Inservice Testing for Operating and New Reactors. This biannual symposium is an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss valves, pumps, and IST programs for operating nuclear power plants, new reactor designs, and proposed reactor operating licenses.

Visit the symposium websites for more information.

More events


CSA B44-13
Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators
CSA B45.2-13
Enamelled Cast Iron and Enamelled Steel Plumbing Fixtures
CSA B45.1-13
Ceramic Plumbing Fixtures
B16.22-2013 Wrought Copper and Copper Alloy Solder-Joint Pressure Fittings
B16.26-2013 Cast Copper Alloy Fittings for Flared Copper Tubes
B16.40-2013 Manually Operated Thermoplastic Gas Shutoffs and Valves in Gas Distribution Systems
B18.6.3-2013 Machine Screws, Tapping Screws, and Metallic Drive Screws (Inch Series)
B73.1-2012 Specification for Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Pumps for Chemical Process
B89.1.13-2013 Micrometers
QEI-1-2013 Standard for the Qualification of Elevator Inspectors
RA-Sb-2013 Addenda to ASME/ANS RA-S-2008—Standard for Level 1/Large Early Release Frequency Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Nuclear Power Plant Applications
RAM-1-2013 Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability of Equipment and Systems in Power Plants
Y14.3-2012 Engineering Drawing Practices
See full listing of recently published standards


STP-PT-064 Evaluation of Fracture Properties Test Methods for Hydrogen Service
STP-NU-062 Comprehensive Comparison of International Quality Standards

See full listing of ASME Standards Technology Publications


Public comments may be submitted on proposed new ASME Standards drafts and on proposals to revise, reaffirm, or withdraw approval of existing ASME Standards.

CSA B45.9
Plumbing Fixtures with Pumped Waste and Macerating Toilet Systems
B29.21 700 Class Chains, Attachments and Sprocket Teeth for Water and Sewage Treatment Plants
B31.12 Hydrogen Piping and Pipelines  
PTC 25 Pressure Relief Devices
See full listing of ASME standards open for ANSI Public Review


New Standards Projects are either first time editions or revisions of existing standards.

Standard for Wind Turbine Elevators (excerpted/supplemented from existing A17.1/B44 requirements)

See full listing of ASME Standards Projects in Development


All meetings of ASME standards developing committees are free and open to the public.

Portable Automotive Service Equipment (PASE) Committee Meeting
Nov 04 2013, 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM | Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

B5 Machine Tools Annual Meeting
Nov 05 2013 08:00 AM - Nov 09 2013 01:00 PM | Sarasota, Florida, United States

A17 Hydraulic Committee Meeting
Nov 07 2013, 08:30 AM - 03:00 PM | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

PTC 47 Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Committee Meeting
Nov 18 2013 08:00 AM - Nov 20 2013 12:00 PM | Houston, Texas, United States

A17 Escalator & Moving Walk Committee Meeting
Dec 04 2013, 08:30 AM - 05:00 PM | San Diego, California, United States

Committee on Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants/ISTOG
Dec 09 2013 08:00 AM - Dec 13 2013 01:00 PM | Clearwater Beach, Florida, United States

Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) Committee Meetings
Jan 13 2014 08:00 AM - Jan 16 2014 03:00 PM | San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States

A17 Elevator Code Week
Jan 13 2014 08:00 AM - Jan 17 2014 05:00 PM | Phoenix, Arizona, United States

A112 Standards Committee and Project Teams on Plumbing Material and Equipment Meetings
Jan 20 2014 08:00 AM - Jan 23 2014 06:00 PM | San Diego, California, United States

PTC 19.3 Temperature Measurement
Jan 21 2014 08:00 AM - Jan 22 2014 04:00 PM | Miami, Florida, United States

B30, CNF and BTH Committee Meetings
Jan 26 2014 08:00 AM - Jan 31 2014 02:00 PM | San Antonio, Texas, United States

B31.1 Power Piping Committee Meeting  
Jan 27 2014 - Jan 29 2014 | Savannah, Georgia, United States

A17 Emergency Operations and Hoistway Committee Meetings
Mar 04 2014 08:30 AM - Mar 06 2014 05:00 PM | Clearwater Beach, Florida, United States

ASME B16 Code Week
Mar 24 2014 08:00 AM - Mar 27 2014 05:00 PM | Chicago, Illinois, United States

B31.3 Process Piping Committee Meeting
Apr 07 2014 08:30 AM - Apr 09 2014 05:00 PM | Austin, Texas, United States

MFC Standards Committee on Measurement of Fluid Flow in Closed Conduits (MFC)
Apr 08 2014 07:45 AM - Apr 10 2014 01:00 PM | Sarasota, Florida, United States



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