Steamboat William G. Mather

Steamboat William G. Mather

prototypical ore boat on the Great Lakes

The Steamship William G. Mather represents the evolution of mechanical engineering in Great Lakes shipping. Launched as a state-of-the-art ship for its time, the Mather served as a prototype, incorporating the latest advancements. Enhancements, which extended the ship's economic life, included a single oil-fired boiler, steam turbine propulsion, automatic power plant control, as well as a dual propeller bow-thruster. As a result, Great Lakes shipping remained efficient, productive and competitive with other modes of transportation. The savings helped local iron ore sources maintain an economical edge over non-US suppliers.
In 1991 the Mather opened as a floating maritime museum ship at East Ninth Street pier and is now owned by the Harbor Heritage Society.


Landmark Location

East Ninth Street Pier
Cleveland, OH

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Ceremony Notes

July 1995

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