ASME Symposium on Elevated Temperature Applications of Materials for Fossil, Nuclear, and Petrochemi

On April 2-6, 2018, ASME will host the Elevated Temperature Application of Materials Symposium in Seattle, WA. This symposium will provide a unique opportunity for those involved in the fossil, nuclear, and petrochemical industries, standards development organizations and government, and those interested members of the public to come together for a professional exchange of information. The focus will be on how best to develop new and/or revise and upgrade current design, fabrication and construction practices of pressure equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels and piping components that will operate at elevated temperatures where materials will be subject to creep, creep-fatigue, embrittlement, and environmental effects. Abstracts are currently being accepted through September 29, 2017.

For more information on the Elevated Temperature Applications of Materials Symposium, contact Colleen O’Brien (+1.212.591.7881).