ASME Publishes New Draft Standard for Trial Use on Mechanical and Thermal Energy Storage Systems

As part of its ongoing efforts to better serve emerging technologies, ASME recently published PTC 53-2018, Mechanical and Thermal Energy Storage Systems [Draft Standard for Trial Use]. Developed under the Performance Test Code Standards Committee, this draft standard is the newest addition to the PTC series. Its objective is to establish uniform test methods and procedures for conducting performance tests of mechanical or thermal energy storage system(s) (ESS). An ESS is a system that consumes energy to increase the internal energy of the storage media and releases the stored energy, producing useful power or heat.

With the goal to provide the highest level of accuracy consistent with current engineering practice, this draft standard will provide quantifiable methods to assess the performance of mechanical or thermal energy storage systems for various technology platforms and applications. It includes procedures for measuring various parameters such as the quantity of energy input and the quantity of useful energy output. The procedures apply to systems including, but not limited, to: compressed air, fly wheels, molten salts, and pumped hydro for storing energy mechanically or thermally from any source.

ASME has issued the new document as a “Draft Standard for Trial Use”, furthering the invitation for public comment and requests for revisions. To ensure the highest quality standards, comments and user experiences during the trial use period will be taken into consideration prior to being formally submitted to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for acceptance as an American National Standard.

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