ASME B30 Crane Standards Celebrating 100 Years

Celebrating 100 Years

2016 will mark the 100-year anniversary of ASME’s B30 Safety Standard for Cableways, Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Hooks, Jacks, and Slings. ASME has continually maintained and advanced safety standards for the crane industry. The B30 Committee has expanded the initial Code to meet the needs of industry into a suite of standards that govern the design, inspection, testing, operation, and maintenance of numerous crane types and related lifting hardware. A special reception is being planned for the meetings of the B30 committees taking place in Clearwater, FL, from September 18-22, 2016.
To purchase tickets to the dinner celebration or for more information, contact Kathryn Hyam (+1.646.957.1358).

Purpose of ASME B30

The purpose of the B30 standards is to help prevent or minimize injury to workers, and otherwise provide for the protection of life, limb and property by prescribing safety requirements. They provide direction to crane manufacturers, owners, employers and users. The suite of standards provides guidance to governments and other regulatory bodies in the development, promulgation, and enforcement of appropriate safety directives and can be adopted in whole or in part for governmental or regulatory use (by reference).

B30 for Cranes – Types of Equipment

The ASME B30 standard covers the types of vertical lifting equipment found in the majority of work environments including tower cranes, mobile cranes, and overhead cranes. It also address many other types of lifting equipment found in special work environments including detachable hardware for lifting purposes, such as rigging, slings and below-the-hook lifting devices.


The following testimonials have been provided by B30 committee members to attest to the importance of the B30 standards to the crane and lifting industry. The testimonials are viewpoints of the individual committee members and not seen as statement from ASME.
The Value of the B30 Standards – James Richardson, U.S. Department of the Navy
Providing 100 Years of Crane Safety Guidance – Ronald Kohner, Landmark Engineering Services
B30 and its Influence in the Load Handling Industry – Bradley Closson, Craft Forensic Service
B30 Subcommittees - Changing with the Times – R. Michael Parnell, ITI-Field Service

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