Old Guard Prizes

The Old Guard is made up of ASME dues exempt members, those who have reached the age of 65 and have retired. They continue to contribute to the Society and their contributions are used to support the "Old Guard" Prizes and similar Society activities related to Student and Early Career members.

The Prizes are awarded annually for the best four contenders at the Old Guard Oral Presentation Competition during the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE). These competitors are Student Members who won first prize at the District level competitions held at ASME Student Professional Development Conferences. The District-level first prizes also include partial travel support to participate in the IMECE.

The Prize was established in 1956 to recognize the overall winner, in 1981 it was expanded to include second -and third-place winners, and in 1992 a fourth-place winner was added.

For more information on this distinguished prize, its rules, criteria and other details please visit: Old Guard Prize - Oral Presentation Competition

Form Of Award:

$2000, 1st

$1500, 2nd

$1000, 3rd

$500, 4th


Limitation(s): Student Members
Administrative Responsibility: Old Guard Committee
Nomination Deadline: -
Nomination Sent To: Special Awards Committee Chair
Nomination Approved By: -
Special Award Committee Chair: D. Armstrong
Phone Number: 509-943-4193
Email: daa3@msn.com
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH) Congress



1956  Joseph W. Jacobson 1983   Jonathan R. Willey
  University of Texas   San Diego State University
1957   George M. Reynolds 1984  Jeffrey McAllister 
  Northwestern University   Brigham Young University
1958  Harry Hollinghaus 1985   Ed Rissberger
  University of Utah   Columbia University 
1959  James S. Kishi 1986  Chris Della Corte
  University of Texas   Case Western Reserve University
1960   Joseph W. Lindsey 1987   Shannon S. Breon
  University of Utah   Iowa State University
1961   Joseph J. Marino 1988  John H. Barrett
  University of Connecticut   Tufts University 
1962  Jay S. Fein 1989   Michael B. Hogan 
  Rutgers University   Auburn University
1963   Walter Clark Dean II 1990   Craig N. Gawreluk
  Lehigh University   Montana State University
1964  Robert J. Arnzen 1991   Karen S. Schlangen
  Washington University/St. Louis   University of Minnesota
1965   Joseph P. Collins 1992  Kevin Naziri
  University of Wisconsin   California State Poly/Pomona
1966   John A. Leo III 1993  Irene J. Beyerlein
  Auburn University   Clemson University
1967  William E. Hughes 1994  Jeffrey La Borde
  Brigham Young University   Louisiana State University
1968   Maurice H. Bunn 1995  Kelly Habicht
  Arizona State University   San Diego State University 
1969  Walter H. Peters III 1996  Janea E. Stulp 
  Auburn University   Colorado State University
1970   Joseph R. Titone 1997   Scott Wenger
  Cornell University   Virginia Polytechnic Institute
1971   James L. Lee 1998   Victoria E. Wood
  Auburn University   University of Tulsa 
1972   Stanley W. Blossom 1999   D. Nathaniel Mulcahy
  Oklahoma State University   University of Massachusetts at Amherst 
1973  Steven H. Blossom 2000   Kristen Busko
  Oklahoma State University   Gonzaga University
1974   Gary L. Smith 2001   Daniel B. Vicario
  Oklahoma State University   Villanova University
1975   Steven R. Bussolari 2002  Jonathan A. Amory
  Union College   Trinity College
1976   Paul E. Hollis 2003  Jill C. Anderson
  University of Washington   Boston University
1977  Pauline B. Cramer 2004  Sarah Plymale
  University of Washington   LeTourneau University
1978  Jan D. Dozier 2005  Sara Coulthard
  Auburn University   United States Naval Academy
1979  Zoe D. Kececioglu 2006  Stephen Hart
University of Arizona The Ohio State University
1980  John J. Marsal 2007  Russell Aldridge
Tulane University Brigham Young University
 1981  Dan J. Schmitt 2008  Joy Davis
  Oklahoma State University Wright State University
1982  Gary F. St. Onge 2009  Matthew S. Hollis
Union College Cedarville University
2010  Maxim Budyansky
University of Connecticut
2013  Zachary Young
Cedarville University
2014  Anomitra Banerjee
Birla Institute of Technology and Science
2015  Tyler M Pharris
Baylor University
1982   John I. Macy 1994   Todd M. Beller
  University of Kansas   Purdue University
1983  Richard F. Beaufort 1995 Allan D. Parks
  Brigham Young University   University of Windsor
1984  John DiMarco 1996  Michael Ogg
  University of Dayton   Christian Brothers University
1985  Michael T. Nelson 1997  David B. Lenhert
  Clemson University   Wichita State University
1986   Thomas Cavallaro 1998   Jeremy C. Patterson
  Clemson University   University of NC at Charlotte
1987   Marc Richelsoph 1999  John M.R. Rask
  Vanderbilt University   Le Tourneau University
1988   Rocke R. Koreis 2000   Paul Hvass
  Seattle University   Le Tourneau University
1989  James N. Cantrell 2001  Jared Fryar
  Utah State   University of Portland
1990  Moji I. Ijaz 2002  Marie K. Moran
  Virginia Polytechnic Institute   University of Tulsa
1991   Alan K. Jones 2003  Smitesh Bakrania
  Portland State University   Union College
1992  John Jraiche 2004  Brian Montague
  University of Windsor   Cedarville University
1993  Andrew M. Dudas 2005  Conall Dempsey
Bradley University University of Illinois
2006  Matthew Teicholz
University of Connecticut
2007  Shannon Yee
 The Ohio State University
2008  Jeff Lombardo
University of Connecticut
2009  Shiyu Liu
Nanyang Technological University
2010  Carol Regalbuto
    University of Illinois
2013  Jerry Wang
Yale University
2014  Brandon Horton
Virginia Tech
2015  Pin Yi Chen
National Taiwan University
1982  Douglas R. Watson 1994   Lee R. Johnson, Jr.
  San Diego State University   Union College
1983   Joseph R. Olivier 1995  Wendy B. Schiebout
  Tulane University   Dordt College
1984   Daniel B. Grandmont 1996   Darrin Noe
  Western New England College   Seattle University
1985   Brian D. Berthold 1997   Gretchen Voegler
  University of New Mexico   Union College
1986   Daniel M. Browning 1998   Julie A. Katz
  Oregon State University   Bradley University
1987   Michael L. Hoskins 1999  Kip Jensen
  California State University/Chico   Brigham Young University
1988  Margaret F. Pinnell 2000  John Milos
  University of Dayton   New Jersey Institute of Technology
1989  James L. Kahler 2001  Andre McDonald
  South Dakota State University   City College of New York
1990  Leland G. Hansen 2002 Francis X. Murphy
  Brigham Young University   US Military Academy
1991  Craig J. Speier 2003  Preston Pysh
  University of California at Santa Barbara   U.S. Military Academy
1992  Jerry R. Volcy 2004  Amber Raub Walker
  New Jersey Institute of Technology   U.S. Military Academy
1993   Eric L. Callens 2005  Robert Graudins
Louisiana Technical University Seattle University
2006  John Souza
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
2007  Stephen T. Clark
Duke University
2008  Brian Wilks
Texas A&M University
2009  Alex Scott
Loughborough University
2010  Caroline Scheck
      University of Maryland
2013  Thomas Larson
University of Washington
2014  Michael Crump
Texas Tech University
2015  Gorman Donnelly
Union College
1992  Eric L. Callens 1998   Mark A. Kurfman
  Louisiana Technical University   St. Louis University at Parks College
1993   Jason A. Pepin 1999  Paula Jean Runge
  University of Massachusetts   Mississippi State University
1994   David R. Smith, II 2000  Cory Cooper
  University of Utah   U.S. Air Force Academy
1995  Brian S. Mansure 2001   Jonathan Slager
  University of Wyoming   Tourneau University
1996  Jesse Adams 2002  David M. Chapin
  University of Nevada, Reno   Union College
1997   Michael Gray 2003  William Erwin
California Polytechnic State University/San Luis Obispo Vanderbilt University
2004  Lincoln Potwin
Wenthworth University
2005  Thomas Barry
University of Hartford
2006  Matthew McCrink
Boise State University
2007  Andrew Gustafson
California State University
2008  Daniel Koch
University of Colorado-Denver
2009  Hunter McClelland
Tennessee Technological University
2010  Daniel Gerber
      University of Alabama
2013  Kristian Saull
Loughborough University
2014  Joseph Kim
Yale University
2015  Matthew Lesniewski
Milwaukee School of Engineering