Marshall B. Peterson Award

The Marshall B. Peterson Award is given in biennially in recognition of early-career achievement in research as demonstrated by papers published in scientific journals of ASME and promise for pursuit of research in tribology. It is preferred, but not required, that the awardee’s research emphasis be on materials aspects of tribology, e.g. wear, friction materials, and solid lubricants.

At the time the award is given (October of even-numbered years), the nominee’s age shall be less than 30 years.

The Research Committee on Tribology and the Tribology Division established this award in 1997.

Form of Award:$2500 and Certificate
Limitation(s):Must be under 30 years of age
Administrative Responsibility:Tribology Division
Nomination Deadline:February 1 (biennially)
Nomination Sent To: Marshall B. Peterson Award Committee Chair
Special Award Committee Chair: B. Bou-Said
Phone Number: 33 478890980
Awarded By:Committee on Honors (COH)



1998Wallace G. Sawyer
2000Matthew P. Szolwinski
2002Jiaxin Zhao
2004Deborah A. Wilde
2006Nicolas Fillot
2008David L. Burris
2010Andrew R. Konicek
2012Melih Eriten
2014Brandon A. Krick
2016 Harmandeep S. Khare