J. Hall Taylor Medal

The J. Hall Taylor Medal is presented for distinguished service or eminent achievement in the field of codes and standards pertaining to the broad fields of piping and pressure vessels which are sponsored or undertaken by ASME. The scope includes contributions to technical advancement and administration.

In 1965, by a bequest through the ASME activity in codes and standards, the Taylor Forge and Pipe Works established this award to commemorate the pioneering work of J. Hall Taylor in the field of standardization of industrial products and safety codes for their usage.

Form of Award: $1000, Bronze Medal and Certificate
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Council on Standards and Certification
Nomination Deadline: November 15
Nomination Sent To: J. Hall Taylor Medal Committee Chair
Committee Chair: J. Henry
Phone Number: 423-488-3458
E-mail: jhenry@structint.com
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)



1966 Frank S.G. Williams 1982 George V. Smith 2002 Allen Selz
1967 David B. Wesstrom 1993 Lowell L. Elder  2003 Michael Gold
1968 Max B. Higgins 1984 William D. Doty 2004 J. Robert Sims
1969 Everett O. Waters 1985 Robert C. Griffin 2005 Blaine W. Roberts
1970 Bernard F. Langer 1986 James R. Farr 2006 Thomas P. Pastor
1971 James M. Guy 1987 Stephen A. Bergman 2007 Donald F. Landers
1972 William Rolfe Gall 1988 George E. Fratcher 2008 Joel G. Feldstein
1973 John D. Mattimore 1989 Walter R. Mikesell 2009 Owen F. Hedden
1974 Jean E. Lattan 1990 William R. Apblett, Jr 2010 Urey R. Miller
1975 Walter H. Davidson 1991 .Bernard W. Bace 2011 Mahendra D. Rana
  Frederick A. Hough 1992 Maan H. Jawad  2012 Jeffrey F. Henry
  Joe J. King 1993 Clyde C. Neely 2013 David L. Berger
  Burton T. Mast 1994 Domenic A. Canonico 2014 Charles Becht IV
  Andrew J. Shoup 1995 Guido G. Karcher 2015 Peter A. Molvie
1977 James S. Clarke 1996 Marcus N. Bressler 2016 Jon E. Batey
  Raymond R. MaCcary 1997 John R. MacKay 2017 Ronald W. Haupt
1978 Adolph O. Schaefer 1998 Martin D. Bernstein    
1979 John F. Harvey 1999 Richard E. Feigel    
1980 Paul M. Brister 2000 Ernest A. Steen    
1981 Robert J. Cepluch 2001 William N. McLean