Ben C. Sparks Medal

The Ben C. Sparks Medal, established in 1990 for recognition of eminent service to mechanical engineering or engineering technology education through outstanding contributions that bring innovative, authentic, practice-based, engineering design/build experiences to undergraduate students. The award may be bestowed on an individual or collaborative team for excellence in curriculum implementation, teaching, academic/industry collaboration, or exemplary service to ASME student design-related programs.

Candidates must have a record of accomplishment over an extended period of time; play a major role in fostering new, innovative applications and approaches to the teaching of mechanical engineering and/or engineering technology; or effectively inspire promising systemic change that would enhance the readiness of graduates to begin engineering practice in industry.

Recipient(s) must hold or have held academic appointments in departments that have in ABET-accredited (or substantially equivalent) degree programs or be engineer(s) in industry, government, or private practice who have made an exemplary contribution such degree programs.

The medal was established in memory of Ben C. Sparks, a devoted member of ASME and a dedicated teacher of mechanical engineering technology and mechanical engineering.

Form of Award: $1000, Bronze Medal, Certificate and Travel expense supplement to attend the meeting presentation.
Limitation(s): Nominees must hold or have held academic appointments in departments that have in ABET-accredited or substantially equivalent degree programs or be engineers in industry, government, or private practice
Administrative Responsibility: Board on Education
Nomination Deadline: September 1
Nomination Sent To: Ben C. Sparks Medal Committee Chair
Committee Chair: K. Ball
Phone Number: 571-488-8961
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)


1991 Stanley M. Brodsky 2006 Alok K. Verma
1992 Elliot R. Eisenberg 2007 Charles J. Hurst
1993 Donald R. Haworth 2009 Scott G. Danielson
1994 John A. Weese 2013 Robert Warrington
1997 Gary R. Crossman Allan T. Kirkpatrick
1998 Mulchand S. Rathod Scott G. Danielson
1999 Philip E. Doepker Walter W. Laity
2000 Mark A. Pagano 2014 Timothy W. Simpson
2001 Kenneth J. Fisher 2015 Christopher A. Mattson
2002 Chittaranjan Sahay Carl D. Sorensen
2003 Mohammad A. Zahraee 2016 Allen H. Hoffman
2004 Frank A. Gourley 2017

Steven W. Beyerlein

2005 George Sehi 2018 David R. Wallace