Washington Visitation Program

The Washington Visitation Program provides an opportunity for ASME members to actively participate in the Society's government relations activities. The program enables ASME members to engage in the Society's public policy agenda and play a role in such national issues as energy policy, global climate change, R&D funding, infrastructure development, and engineering education.

Program Objectives

  • To broaden the interest and participation of ASME members in government relations.
  • To provide a mechanism for members to draft timely public policy statements for adoption as position statements by an ASME group or the Society as a whole.
  • To enable members to come to Washington, D.C., to learn first hand how federal policy is made and to apply that knowledge at the state and local levels of government as well.
  • To provide an effective vehicle that brings the public concerns of ASME groups to the attention of Congress, federal agencies, and state and local governments.

Program Guidelines

  • Open to all ASME groups.
  • Individual participants will serve as public policy analysts on behalf of the group sponsor.
  • ASME will select the proposed projects to be funded.
  • Release of any position statements developed under this program shall be governed by ASME Policy 15.1.
  • Travel expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with ASME Policy 4.5.
  • The program does not provide compensation to participants for their time.
  • Member participants are volunteers and are not considered consultants, contractors, or employees of ASME.
  • Members shall be responsible for their own insurance and will hold ASME harmless for any injury or liability arising from their travel or stay in Washington, DC. 
  • ASME members must complete this application form to be considered for participation in the program.