New Podcast Series:
ASME Today & Tomorrow

Welcome to ASME’s new podcast, ASME Today & Tomorrow, which aims to provide an engaging new way to keep the ASME family connected and up-to-date on a wide variety of topics of interest to the ASME community around the world.

One of ASME’s signature activities is Code Week. In this episode of ASME Today & Tomorrow, Gerry Eisenberg, Director, Pressure Technology Codes & Standards, and Steve Rossi, S&C Project Engineering Manager, join Michael Cowan, Director, Strategic Communications, for an in-depth look at Code Week.

This first installment features an interview with Executive Director Tom Costabile, who sat down recently with Michael Cowan, ASME’s Director of Strategic Communications, to talk about what brought him to ASME, his goals for this first year, and what he sees as the key challenges and opportunities facing the Society.

In addition to being available on, ASME Today & Tomorrow is also available directly via SoundCloud and will soon be via the Stitcher app on your mobile device. Please keep an eye out for Episode #2, coming soon.