Papers Now Being Accepted for ICNMM 2017

Jan. 13, 2017


The organizers of the ASME 2017 15th International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels and Minichannels (ICNMM 2017), to be held next August, have begun accepting drafts of technical papers to be presented during the conference. The deadline to submit a draft paper to the organizers is Feb. 27.

The conference, which will take place Aug. 27-31 in Cambridge, Mass., was designed to provide a venue for researchers to exchange information and identify research needs in this emerging area that encompasses many engineering, basic sciences, and bio-medical disciplines. The conference’s technical program will explore both the fundamentals of nanochannels, microchannels and minichannels —including transport studies at the nano, micro, and mini scales — as well as practical applications including thermal management, energy conversion, lab on a chip, and biomedical devices.

ICNMM organizers are currently accepting full-length draft papers to be presented in one of the conference’s 17 technical tracks, which will cover such topics as single phase gas and liquid flows; two-phase flows; evaporation, boiling and condensation; electronics, cooling and heat pipes; electrokinetic flows; energy applications of micro- and nano-scale devices; thin film, interfacial phenomena, and surface tension driven flows; and surface engineering for phase change heat transfer.

Other conference tracks will address areas including biomedical and lab-on-a-chip applications; modeling and simulation; conjugate micro- and nano-scale heat transfer; mixing, mass transfer and chemical reactions; advanced fabrication and manufacturing; and transport in membranes and nanofluids.

To submit a full-length draft paper, visit the ICNMM 2017 website at, and click on “Present/Publish.” If you have submitted a paper to a previous ASME conference, simply login with your credentials. If you are a new author, you will need to create a user account. Once you have logged into the submission site, simply follow the instructions for paper submissions.

For more information on the ASME 2017 15th International Conference for International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels and Minichannels, visit; or contact Evelyn Wang, general conference chair, at, or Saeed Moghaddam, general conference co-chair, at