ASME and Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Offer Pump & Valve Symposium in July

April 21, 2017


Registration is now open for the 13th Pump & Valve Symposium — an event that is widely regarded as the premier conference on nuclear power plant inservice testing. The symposium, which is co-sponsored by ASME and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), will be held from July 16 to 19 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Washington D.C. ‒ Silver Spring in Silver Spring, Md.

The four-day event will explore the latest issues, technology, developments and trends in preservice and inservice testing (IST) of nuclear power plants. The symposium will feature the field’s leading experts — including prominent officials from the NRC and ASME code leaders — addressing a wide range of topics including NRC rulemaking, general ASME Operations and Maintenance Code (O&M) scope, content and philosophy, and the pumps, valves, motor-operated valves (MOVs), air-operated valves (AOVs), snubbers, and risk insight activities that are vital to the safe and reliable operation and maintenance of nuclear power plants.

One highlight of the Pump & Valve Symposium is sure to be the keynote presentation, which will be given by Mary Jane Ross-Lee, acting Director for the Division of Operating Reactor Licensing in the NRC’s Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Since joining the NRC in 1997, Ross-Lee has served in a number of areas within the agency including the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, the Office of New Reactors, and the Office of Administration (ADM). Appointed to the commission’s Senior Executive Service in 2011, Ross-Lee currently serves as the Deputy Director for Division of Engineering.

Mary Jane Ross-Lee will be the keynote presenter at the ASME/NRC Pump & Valve Symposium in July.

Other speakers at the symposium will include representatives from ASME and the NRC as well as such companies and organizations as Westinghouse, NuScale, Exelon Nuclear, Entergy, Flowserve Corp., Anvil EPS, Kalsi Engineering, Curtiss Wright, Tecnatom, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Electric Power Research Institute, Sandia National Laboratories, the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS), the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, and China Nuclear Power Design.

The symposium will also feature an open panel session at the end of the meeting where NRC and ASME O&M Code leaders will review highlights from the four-day event and field questions from audience members.

Robert Wolfgang of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, who is co-chairing the symposium with Robert Parry from NextEra Energy, said the event provides “an excellent opportunity for young IST engineers to gain valuable insight into the inservice testing of pumps, valves, and snubbers, and for the industry to discuss OM Code decisions and determinations with the individuals responsible for the Code changes.” It also offers IST engineers the chance to meet and talk to NRC staff who are involved with inservice testing, he said.

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