New Book from ASME Press Focuses on Ultrasonic Welding

May 26, 2017


ASME Press recently published a new book exploring the topic of ultrasonic welding of lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries, a high-power energy source that has experienced rapid growth over the past decade due to the popularity of li-ion battery powered electric vehicles.

Written by Wayne W. Cai, Bongsu Kang, and S. Jack Hu — three established experts in the field — Ultrasonic Welding of Lithium-Ion Batteries provides readers with a unique look at ultrasonic metal welding, particularly in the manufacturing of li-ion battery cells, modules and packs used in electric vehicles. The book’s main emphasis is on two-layer and multi-layer aluminum and copper welding configurations. The theories and techniques highlighted in the book are highly transferable and extendable to other li-ion battery applications, and should be valuable to professionals across the battery manufacturing and electric vehicle industries, according to the authors.

Following an introduction to the topic, in which the authors offer an overview of li-ion batteries and battery joining technologies, the book’s chapters address topic including joint quality and weld attributes; welding mechanisms and failure; transient temperature and heat flux measurement using thin-film microsensors; motion analysis for multilayer sheets; coupled thermomechanical simulation; microstructure evolution and physics-based modeling; process monitoring using online senor signals; tool wear monitoring; and fundamental dynamics of ultrasonic welding.

The 264-page book (Order No. 861257) can be purchased by ASME members for $99 — a savings of $25 off the list price. For more information on Ultrasonic Welding of Lithium-Ion Batteries, or to order a copy, visit