ASME Launches the
ASME Energy Forum

A Yearlong Series on Emerging Energy Technologies

ASME Launches the ASME Energy Forum The Society has launched a new yearlong multi-media series — the ASME Energy Forum — that explores the technical aspects and workings of a broad range of energy sources and related technologies. From solar power and hydro to fuel cell vehicles and wind farms, you'll get leading technical expert perspectives on how these energy sources and technologies work, the technical issues and challenges, and the economic implications for businesses.

Hydrokinetics is the focus of the first ASME Energy Forum installment, which consists of a webinar and related content on and in Mechanical Engineering magazine. The webinar, "Tapping the Power of Flowing Water," will take place Feb. 14 from 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. This online seminar, exploring hydrokinetic power demo projects already underway in New York Harbor and the Gulf Stream, will be presented by ASME Past President Susan Skemp, executive director of Florida Atlantic University's Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center, and Jonathan Colby, a hydrodynamic engineer with Verdant Power. It will be moderated by David Walsh, editor, For more information on the webinar, or to register, click here.

The hydrokinetics topic, as part of the ASME Energy Forum, also includes two informative articles by writers from and Mechanical Engineering magazine. The article, "Bobbing for Power," is now available online. The Mechanical Engineering article, "Waves, Currents & Electric Potential," by Mark Crawford, will be available shortly on the ASME Energy Forum page on

In coming months, the ASME Energy Forum will examine a number of other subjects through its series of in-depth webinars, articles, interviews, podcasts and infographics. These topics will include solar power, waste-to-energy, wind farms, fuel cell vehicles and stations, and hydraulic fracturing.

To learn more about the ASME Energy Forum, visit the ASME Energy Forum page on