ASME Launches Certification Program on Latest Y14.5 Standard

Sept. 8, 2017


As part of its effort to provide multinational manufacturers with the means to reinforce exact engineering drawing and documentation interpretation throughout their supply chain, ASME expanded its geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GDTP) personnel certification program this summer to align with its latest 2009 Y14.5 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing standard.

Among ASME’s most widely applied technical standards, Y14.5 provides the essential language for mechanical engineering drawings. The standard, used today in global industries ranging from aerospace to construction, provides definitions, symbols, rules, and guidelines pertaining to the numerous geometric characteristics essential for drafting and designing products and systems.

Available at two levels, the certification program is offered for a fee to engineers, drafters and other professionals wishing to obtain a widely respected credential for understanding the complexities of Y14.5. Technologist-level certification measures an individual’s ability to understand, or “read,” drawings that have been prepared using the language of GD&T as defined in the Y14.5–2009 standard. Senior-level certification indicates an individual’s ability to select and apply, or “write,” geometric controls to drawings as defined in the 2009 standard.

Certification provides a means for distinguishing the qualifications and breadth of knowledge of the mechanical engineer. In the case of Y14.5, a manufacturer or government agency could elect to buy product parts only from suppliers whose design engineers carry GDTP certification.  

“ASME is pleased to be able to continue a successful personnel certification program consistent with the components of the latest 2009 Y14.5 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing standard,” said ASME President Charla K. Wise. “Our certification program is in direct response to employers seeking accuracy, quality, precision, and clear communication up and down the supply chain, allowing these manufacturers to reduce costs and gain customer confidence.”

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