ASME Joins the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute

March 9, 2018


ASME recently joined the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI), a coalition of more than 100 organizations seeking to further the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to deliver therapies to patients in need.

The partnership unites ASME with a consortium of organizations from industry, government, academia and the non-profit sector working to develop next-generation manufacturing processes and technologies for cells, tissues and organs. ARMI, which is based in Manchester, N.H., will receive nearly $300 million in public-private investment from these groups to develop scalable manufacturing processes for engineered tissues and organs.

Already a player in biomedical engineering, ASME in 2017 launched the Alliance for Advanced Biomedical Engineering,, which provides technical articles, reports, and other resources on topics ranging from cell therapy and thermal medicine to medical devices and 3D printing.

“The intent of the alliance is to grow as a comprehensive resource for the biomedical engineering community,” said Christine Reilley, business development director of healthcare at ASME. “Given our increasing focus in biomedical engineering, we believe the Society can contribute to the goals of ARMI, as the coalition works to revitalize American manufacturing and incentivize companies to invest in new technology development.”

ARMI’s efforts are supported by 47 industrial partners, 26 academic and academically affiliated partners, and 14 government and nonprofit partners.

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