ASME Enters Into Agreement with Turkish Standards Organization

Feb. 24, 2017

ASME Executive Director Thomas Loughlin (left) welcomes Sebahittin Korkmaz, president of the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE), to ASME Headquarters in New York. (Photo by Wil Haywood, Public Information)

Earlier this month, during its inaugural visit to ASME Headquarters in New York, a delegation from the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE), the national standards organization of Turkey, entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with ASME.

During the meeting at ASME’s New York office on Feb. 14, Sebahittin Korkmaz, president of TSE, and ASME Executive Director Thomas Loughlin signed the agreement, which is intended to expand ASME and ASME Standards & Certification’s impact in Turkey, including in the areas of standards and regulatory development. The MOU is also intended to further promote ASME Standards & Certification and related products and services including Conformity Assessment within Turkey, and explore potential opportunities for cooperation in training, conferences and workshops.

Thomas Loughlin, executive director of ASME (left), and Sebahittin Korkmaz, president of TSE (right), signed the memorandum of understanding on Feb. 14 at ASME Headquarters. (Photo by Wil Haywood, Public Information)

Akif Sesli, TSE’s director of systems management, also attended the meeting, where Loughlin, Korkmaz, Sesli and members of ASME Standards & Certification staff discussed the participation of Turkish subject matter experts in ASME committees, the potential for a further agreement covering translation, and the general adoption and sales of ASME standards in Turkey. The organizations also discussed the identification of specific ASME standards that could be adopted in the country. For instance, since Turkey has begun to expand its nuclear power generation infrastructure to meet its growing demand for electricity, the Turkish Standards Institution believes ASME and ASME Nuclear Codes and Standards could be potential resources in this endeavor.

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