Hydrokinetics Webinar Kicks Off the New ASME Energy Forum

Feb. 14 Event Launches the ASME Energy Forum on go.asme.org/EnergyForum

NEW YORK, Feb. 12, 2013 – ASME.org has launched the ASME Energy Forum, a yearlong multi-media series that will explore the technical aspects of a broad range of energy sources and related technologies. The new program launches Thursday, Feb. 14, with a live webinar on hydrokinetics, in which members of the media are invited to register on a complimentary basis at the energy forum page.

In addition to webinars, the ASME Energy Forum will encompass podcasts, print and online articles, and other vehicles. Leaders in the energy field will offer insights on topics ranging from hydrokinetics and solar power to fuel cells and wind farms.

"The ASME Energy Forum will bring together thought leaders to offer perspective on emerging technologies that are shaping energy markets in the 21st century," said Thomas Loughlin, executive director of ASME. "We are excited about the ASME Energy Forum going forward, and we believe the program will spark important dialogue, debate, and information exchange."

The webinar kicking off the forum will feature hydrokinetics, a developing field within the broad area of renewable energy that explores energy generation from the natural movement of water.

While Hydrokinetics is not widely known, river and ocean power has the potential to provide supplemental electricity to the electric grid or serve as an autonomous power source in localized distributed energy applications. Well over 100 energy projects utilizing hydrokinetic applications are either operating or underway in the United States, and even more in international waterways.

Two main presentations will highlight the Webinar on Hydrokinetics. Jonathan A. Colby, a hydrodynamic engineer at Verdant Power, will speak on "Tidal Turbine Arrays: Commercialization and the Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy Project," and Susan H. Skemp, former ASME president and executive director of the Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center at Florida Atlantic University, will present "Ocean Energy: A Path Forward to Sustainability."

The speakers will discuss demonstration projects currently underway, as well as assess the environmental constraints of hydrokinetics and challenges associated with system reliability and licensing.

The webinar is the first in a series of webinars in the Society's ASME Energy Forum and the program has been supported by articles in the Society's key communications vehicles including Mechanical Engineering magazine, ASME News, and the ASME website. Five additional webinars covering solar energy, waste-to-energy, wind power, fuel cells, and hydraulic fracturing will follow in forthcoming weeks.


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