ME & MET Department Heads

ME & MET Department Heads

The ME and MET Department Head community works together to encourage communication, collaboration, and innovation in education among faculty leaders of mechanical engineering and allied programs worldwide.

Communication between department heads/chairs, ASME, and other organizations is facilitated and encouraged by sponsoring, organizing, and promoting involvement in forums, meetings, conferences, workshops, and other relevant events to discuss issues related to the mechanical engineering profession. Topics may include education, curricula, accreditation, student development, research, faculty development, department head/chair professional concerns, and other matters as they relate to the professional development of mechanical engineers. We normally have our in person formal meeting during the ASME Mechanical Engineering Education Summit (MEEd) and some networking events at the ASME IMECE.

One of the ways of communicating with fellow ME department heads and chairs (MEDHC) is through the groups ASME Mechanical Engineering Department Heads and Chairs Group (asme-medhc). Existing and new department feads and chairs can request to join group by providing:

  1. A brief reason of why you want to join this group
  2. Link to the mechanical engineering department website where you are serving as a department head/chair

Interested department heads and chairs are encouraged to connect with us through the ASME Engineering Education LinkedIn group

American Society for Engineering Education:

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) is a nonprofit organization of individuals and institutions committed to furthering education in engineering and engineering technology by:

  • Promoting excellence in instruction, research, public service, and practice
  • Exercising worldwide leadership
  • Fostering the technological education of society
  • Providing quality products and services to members

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