Women In Engineering Award

ASME Unit: Electronic & Photonic Packaging Division (EPPD)
Date Established: 2008
Achievement: The award is to recognize a women engineer with significant technical achievements in the area of electronic and photonic packaging demonstrated through papers, patents, or product development
Limitations: Contributions to EPPD activities (conferences, committees, Journal of Electronic Packaging, K16) are also important considerations Nominee must be a primary or a secondary member of EPPD for at least the last 3 years
Nomination Deadline: 9/30
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: EPPD
Level of Award: Section
Selected By: EPPD Honors and Awards Committe
Selecting Process: The nomination package should include a nomination letter, the candidate'/s CV, and no more than 3 letters of recommendation. The deadline to receive the nomination is Sept. 30, 2008. The nomination package should be submitted via e-mail to Jianmin Qu at jq@gtech.com
Funding: EPPD Custodian Account
Date Created: 5/12/2010
Date Modified: 9/18/2012

Winners of the Women In Engineering Award

2011Dr. Milena Vujosevic
2010Prof. Amy Fleischer
2009Prof. Jayathi Murthy
2008Christina Amon