Warren M. Rohsenow Prize

ASME Unit:
Heat Transfer Division (HTD)
Achievement: The Warren M. Rohsenow Prize is for the best presentation at a technical Session on heat transfer in gas turbine systems.
Form of Award: A wall plaque and a stipend of $100.00
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Heat Transfer Division - K-14 Committee
Level of Award: Division
Selecting Process: K-14 Rohsenow Subcommittee judges eligible presentations at ASME technical conferences
Date Created: 12/9/2008
Date Modified: 11/9/2021

Winners of the Warren M. Rohsenow Prize

Year Presenter Co-authors Presentation Title
2021 Christoph Gramespacher M. Stripf, H.-J. Bauer The Influence of Deterministic Surface Roughness and Free Stream Turbulence on Transitional Boundary Layers: Heat Transfer Distributions and a New Transition Onset Correlation
2020 Daniel Castillo David Peral, Silvia Araguas-Rodriguez, Viola Dehe, Michael Rabs, Solon Karagianopoulos, Christopher Pilgrim, Inken Semmler, Stephen Skinner, Jorg Feist Validation of a Thermal History Paint on a Turbine Blade in a Hot Gas Rig Facility
2019 Ramy Abdelmaksoud Ting Wang A Numerical Investigation of Air/Mist Cooling in a Conjugate, 3-D Gas Turbine Vane with Internal Passage and External Film Cooling
2018 Yousef Kanani Sumanta Acharya Large Eddy Simulations of Discrete Film Cooling with Different Freestream Turbulence Levels
2017 Prashant Singh Yongbin Ji, Srinath Ekkad, Shusheng Zhang Numerical Investigation of Scoop Effect on Film Cooling for Cylindrical Inclined Hole
2016 Shawn Siroka Melissa Shallcross, Stephen Lynch Unsteady Heat Transfer around Low Aspect Ratio Cylinders in an Array
2014 Amy Mensch Karen Thole Simulations of Multiphase Particle Deposition on a Gas Turbine Endwall with Impingement and Film Cooling
2009 Stephen Lynch Karen Thole The Effect of the Combustor-Turbine Slot and Mid-Passage Gap on Vane Endwall Heat Transfer
2008 Andre Burdet Reza Abhari Influence of Near Hole Pressure Fluctuation on the Thermal Protection of a Film-Cooled Flat Plate
2005 William Colban Karen Thole, Michael Haendler Experimental and Computational Comparisons of Fan-Shaped Film-Cooling on a Turbine Vane Surface
1997 Atul Kohli Karen Thole A CFD Investigation on the Effect of Entrance Flow Conditions in Discrete Film Cooling Holes

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