Serad Student Safety Innovation Challenge

ASME Unit: Safety Engineering & Risk Analysis (SERAD)
Date Established: 1984
Achievement: Best undergraduate and runner-up student papers to solve a specific safety problem.
Limitations: Undergraduate engineering students
Nomination Deadline: 8/1
Form of Award: Certificate, $500 for the winner, $250 for the Advisor plus travel expenses to attend presentation ceremony
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Safety Engineering and Risk Analysis Division (SERAD)
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: A committee made up of SERAD Division members
Selecting Process: Review and ranking of the submitted entries by the committee.
Funding: Sponsorship
Date Created: 11/21/2000
Date Modified: 11/30/2012

Winners of the Serad Student Safety Innovation Challenge

1990-91 John T. Steele
1991-92 Joseph J. Hildebrand, Patrick S. McElhinney, Kevin J. V. McNiff, John D. Munchmeyer
1992-93 Daniel Badger, David Fraser, Brian Lustig, James Powell, Luis Santana
1997-98 Michael Plumby, Chris Pisares
1998-99 L. Deville, R. Gibbons, D. McClintock, M. O. Laughlin

Runner-up: M. A. Franz
1999-00 Adam Baron, VaneDee Moua, David Quadracci

Runner-up: Dean Eisenbacher, Matthew Kopp, Catherine Sander
2000-01 Nathan Lazenga, Jeremiah Pappe, Vincent Petersen, Ryan Wade
2001-02 Kristin Sheets, Sam Geser, Missy Isaman, John Rosslow

Runner-up: Edgar Wise, Gerard Schaber, Edward Pauley, Barry McGhee, Michael Lowery, Shawn Hoysradt, Eric Fonville, Greg Glenning
2003-04 Scott Wisniewski, Jonathan den Hartog, Spencer Boice

Runner-up: Rudy Lauth, Brian Gaither, Luis Real Huarte, Aaron Miletich, Kai Wimberley, Maria Query
2007-08 Joshua Doherty, Ryan Fleming, Juan Montez, Ryuichi Nakamura

Runner-up: Michael Bloom, Gabriel Goldman, Vic Kasoff, Spenser Patton, Jeffery Pillis
2008-09 Petros Efthymiou, Chris Hollingbery

Runner-up: Spenser Harrison, Cory Kendall, Steven trotter, Matt Watson
2009-10 1st Place: Ensign William Van Cleave, Ensign William Veilleux, Ensign Benjamin Wiest

2nd Place:  Garret Campbell, Jon Gomes, Jon Graham, Luke Petree, Damaris Squires
2010-11 Jennifer Cooper
2011-12 Hanan Altabbakh, Mohammad A. Alkazimi
2013-14 1st Place: Ashtyn Baldas

2nd Place: Mahboubeh Yazdanipour
2014-15 1st Place: Thomas Wesselmann

1st Place Graduate Paper: Seyed Mohsen Hoseyni
2015-16 Undergraduate Paper:
1st Place: 
Cameron Falkenburg, Carlie Mantel, Richard Moore, Ben Muyres

Graduate Paper:
1st Place: Farzin Salehpour
2016-17 Undergraduate group winners:
1st place: 
Sean Johnson, John Jozwiak, Cedar Kelly, Rich Postera

Graduate group winner:
1st place: 
Hossein Salimi
2017-18 Undergraduate group winners:
1st place:  Olivia Bridston, Gaelen Murray, Zac Oldham
2nd place: Tarique Ahmad

Graduate group winners:
1st place: Amin Moniri-Morad
2nd place: Tingting Wei, Shixi Ma

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