Pipeline Medal

The Pipeline Systems medal is bestowed for outstanding contributions in the field of pipeline systems including, but not limited to, research, development, teaching, and significant advancements in the field.  The medal was established in 2014.

For additional information and application visit: http://go.asme.org/PSD  and view the Pipeline Division Awards page.

ASME Unit:   Pipeline Systems Division
Date Established:   2014
Achievement:   Pipeline Medal
Limitations:   Recognition of lifetime achievement
Nomination Deadline:   May 1
Form of Award:   Medal
Frequency of Award:   Biennial, even years
Administrative:   Pipeline Systems Division
Level of Award:   Division
Selected By:   Pipeline Systems Division Executive and Extended Executive Committees
Selecting Process:   Nominations accepted, reviewed and selected by vote
Funding:   Pipeline Systems Division
Date Created:   4/2014
Date Modified:   4/2014
Contact Name:   Kim Miceli
Contact Email:   micelik@asme.org
Contact Phone:   281-810-5455

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