Leonardo Da Vinci Award

ASME Unit: Design Engineering Division (DED)
Date Established: 1978
Achievement: Eminent achievement in the design or invention of a product which is universally recognized as an important advance in machine design.
Limitations: None
Nomination Deadline: 2/22/2024
Form of Award: Medal and Certificate
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Design Engineering Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Design Engineering Division Honors and Awards Committee
Selecting Process: Consensus review
Funding: Division Custodian Account
Date Created: 10/18/2000
Date Modified: 8/24/2010
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Leonardo Da Vinci Award Recipients

1978 Richard R. Wareham
1979 Arthur L. Hubbard
1980 Henry O. Fuchs
1981 Charles D. Bleau
1982 Joseph F. Engelberger
1983 L. Sigfred Linderoth, Jr.
1984 Robert C. Distin
1985 H. Grady Rylander
1986 Kenneth W. Boling
1987 Stephen C. Jacobsen
1988 Kenneth J. Waldron
1989 Dimitry G. Grabbe
1990 Victor Scheinman
1992 Stepen J. Bartholet
1995 Robert R. Donaldson
1996 Steven A. Velinsky
1997 Sridhar Kota
1998 William C. Shaw
1999 David L. Trumper
2000 Joel S. Spira
2001 Ralph L. Barnett
2002 Paul Sheldon
2003 J. Edward Colgate
2004 Alexander S. Slocum
2005 Dara Sabahi
2005 Donald R. Sevilla
2005 James A. Baughman
2005 Randel A. Lindemann
2005 Richard A. Rainen
2005 Adam D. Steltzner
2005 Joseph Melko
2005 Christopher J. Voorhees
2009 Dr. S.V. Sreenivasan
2010 Shorya Awtar
2013 Mohan Bodduluri
2014 Feng Gao
2015 Noel Perkins
2020 Not awarded
2021 Prof. Shuxin Wang
2022 Not awarded
2023 Wei-Hsin Liao

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