Keith Thayer Exceptional Early Career Award

Named for past Petroleum Division Chair and ASME President, Keith Thayer. Known for his dedication to early career professionals and their development both in ASME and in their careers.

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Nomination Instructions
ASME Unit: Petroleum Division
Date Established: 2007
Achievement: In recognition of outstanding dedication, effort and performance by an early career professional.
Limitations: Candidates must be within 10 years of their career from college graduation and an ASME member.
Nomination Deadline: July 1
Form of Award: Trophy
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Petroleum Division
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Petroleum Division Awards Committee
Selecting Process: Nominations are submitted to ASME staff. The PD Awards Committee reviews and selects the top candidate for the award. CRITERIA: – Resume, Publishing, Achievements, Community Outreach. Society Committee Participation Listing.
Funding: Petroleum Division
Date Created: 2000
Date Modified: NA
Contact Name: Jamie Hart
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 281-810-5453

Keith Thayer Exceptional Early Career Award Winners

2022 Jamie Kraus
2021 No Award Given
2020 No Award Given
2019 Kelsey Whitebay
2018 Madeleine Kopp
2017 Kyle Richter
2016 Hieu Tran
2015 No Award
2014 No Award
2013 Vicki Blocker-Risinger – FMC Technologies
2012 Jason Strouse, WGIM
2011 Keith Ogdee, Marathon
2010 No Award
2009 Christie Brown, Chevron
2008 Steven Scruggs, Chevron & Luciana Cruz, Petrobras
2007 Marcos Flores, Chevron

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